Ocun Hawk QD Combi PAD 10cm Quickdraw

Ocun Hawk QD Combi PAD 10cm
Ocun Hawk QD Combi PAD 10cm

Especially recommended for multipitch. Top Hawk Straight carabiner (with K-lock) for easy protection clipping.
Bottom Hawk Wire carabiner (with K-lock) for easy rope clipping and elimination of gate flutter and freezing up.
Rubber Biner fix keeps the lower carabiner in the correct position.

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Technical Specifications

Weight 87 g
Dogbone Size 10 cm long, 16 mm wide
Dogbone Material Nylon / Polyamide
Dogbone Strength 22kN
Top Carabiner Hawk Straight - $8.95
Ocun Hawk Straight
Bottom Carabiner Hawk Wire - $7.95
Ocun Hawk Wire Blue