Lhotse Lhotse New Harness

Lhotse New Harness
Lhotse New Harness
Lhotse New Harness
Lhotse New Harness
Lhotse New Harness
Lhotse New Harness
Lhotse New Harness
Lhotse New Harness

The safety of harness has been improved by the use of a wider connector, while its durability was adjusted through polyamide primary applied in the manufacture of seat belts. Harness is adjustable (waist and legs), designed for summer and winter climbing in the mountains and on the long rock routes. Harness is fully adjustable, making it fit to the clothes. Wide waist and pantlegs provide adequate comfort on long climbs. For better convenience, the harness is equipped with 4 lower gear loops. In order to achieve a greater range of adjustment, remove the tape from the rubber loops on both sides of the belt. In this way you can get a smaller waist size.

Original MSRP, if Converted: 
zł149.00 PLN
Gear Loop Range: 
Ice Clip Slots: 
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Technical Specifications

Weight 430 g
Weight per Size

XS: 400 g / 14.1 oz
S: 420 g / 14.8 oz
M: 430 g / 15.2 oz
L: 455 g / 16 oz
XL: 475 g / 16.8 oz
XXL: 505 g / 17.8 oz
(weight converted from grams to ounces)

Gender Unisex
Sizes Available
Gear Loops 4 Gear loops
Ice Clip Slots No
Belay (loop or tie in) One Loop
Waist Buckle Type Manual Doubleback
Leg Buckle Type Manual Doubleback
Drop Seat Yes
Haul Loop Yes
Certification(s) CE
Size Chart

XS (will fit the upper range of XXS)
Waist: 55-70 cm / 21.7-27.6 in
Legs: 46-56 cm / 18.1-22 in
Waist: 63-71 cm / 24.8-28 in
Legs: 45-57 cm / 17.7-22.4 in
Waist: 72-81 cm / 28.3-31.9 in
Legs: 52-62 cm / 20.5-24.4 in
Waist: 85-100 cm / 33.5-39.4 in
Legs: 56-66 cm / 22-26 in
Waist: 95-110 cm / 37.4-43.3 in
Legs: 56-66 cm / 22-26 in
XXL (will fit the lower range of XXXL)
Waist: 105-120 cm / 41.3-47.2 in
Legs: 60-70 cm / 23.6-27.6 in
(we converted centimeters to inches)