Wild Country Nitro Carabiner

Wild Country Nitro Tech Wire Full View
Wild Country Nitro Tech Wire Full View
Wild Country Nitro Tech Wire Full View
Wild Country Nitro Tech Wire Full View
Wild Country

Wild Country's most popular biner for the last couple of years the Nitro seems to have hit that sweet spot, balancing weight, price and performance perfectly.

The Helium is an exceptional biner…everyone tells us so! It feels great in the hand, clips superbly, and is still one of the world’s lightest true full size biners. In fact maybe the only criticism is that it’s incredible patented ‘no-hook’ nose makes it’s production an expensive business. So the Nitro is a solution to that, it’s a Helium with a skinny hooded nose that’s easier to produce and comes at a way better price. And at only 35 grams it's a real contender on the shelf and on the rack.

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Technical Specifications

Weight (grams) 35 g
Shape Offset D
Locking No
Bent or Straight Bent
Full Size Yes
Keylock No
Gate Type Wire
Gate Opening 27 mm
Visual Warning No
Strengths 24kN    9kN    7kN

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Save 5% when you order a 5-pack for $38.50-- I believe this is only for the "gunmetal" color (the darker silver).

User Reviews

  • 7

    It's Friday, I'm in love

    by Alison Dennis
    great gate opening
    almost keylock

    This is my favorite biner (perhaps because I can't afford the Wild Country Heliums). I talk about how nice this biner is on basically every climb. It's just awesome. It actually makes me happy when I clip with it. Where to begin? The gate opening is large, and the gate action is incredibly easy and smooth—so much better than the BD Neutrinos. I wish this came in different colors, I'd be happy to rack with these as well. For draws they're excellent; they're super easy to clip into gear/bolts/chains/whatever. The nose is basically keylock—it is extremely rare for it to catch on anything. If you can't afford the amazing Heliums, then the Nitro's are definitely the nicest 2nd option. In fact, you could save your money, get these and still be totally happy.