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Top of the line quickdraws

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After using some Ange S biners successfully on my ice tool leashes while wearing gloves, I knew which quickdraws I wanted on my rack. I already have a set of DMM Shield wire gate notchless 18 cm draws (similar to Wild Country Heliums), so I only bought a few 17 cm Petzls to augment my rack (and to satisfy my gear lust.) Compared to the DMMs the Petzls are lighter, slightly easier to clip due to lower gate tension, quieter when they jingle on the harness, nicer looking, but more expensive. I'm a guy with perhaps slightly below average sized hands. and don't find the biners too small. I do recommend you try them in-store before ordering a whole set (which you can't return.) Petzl compromised on the strength (kN) of the biners to achieve the low weight, but this doesn't worry me enough not to buy and use them.

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