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So light you forget you're wearing it

ALP 95

CAMP Alp 95 Font View

I've been using the previous version with a different tie-in loop and non-adjustable waist belt for a few years. The new design seems much better.
Even though my friends think I'm crazy for wearing a "g-string" harness, I love it! It weighs far less than other harnesses and packs down to the size of a fist. It's super comfortable under a pack. I've tried hanging upside down and it felt secure. This harness is certified for ski mountaineering and NOT climbing, but I use it for alpine climbing and mountaineering anyway. I found it to be surprisingly comfortable while rappelling, though a hanging belay isn't likely to be fun. Since the leg loops aren't adjustable, try it in-store before buying. Putting more than a few items on the gear loops causes the harness to droop on my hips, so that's not recommended; should be less of a problem with the new design. You have to remove the harness to drop your pants if nature calls.

Super light
comfortable under a pack
Friends will think you're crazy