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Smooth but a little limiting


Black Diamond
Black Diamond ATC
I'm always looking for that piece of gear that'll help me climb better.

After loosing my ATC Guide, I've been using a borrowed std ATC for the last couple of months. When climbing single pitch routes, with relatively light partners, the std ATC is great. Super smooth pay-out, lowering, and double-rope rappelling. The problems with this belay device come into play when I'm climbing multi-pitch routes or with climbers that are heavier than I am (unfortunately, this is hard to find). The lack of teeth does limit how heavy of a climber you can belay, and if you're on the heavier side of spectrum, it might be unnerving to repel with if the ropes are skinny. But if you're looking for an inexpensive, simple belay device that'll last you years, and you know you'll only be climbing with the ladies or the dudes that look like ladies, this device will be fine. Nothing special, but works well for what it was made to do.

no teeth
Only basic features
no guide mode