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Maybe I'm too needy and can't handle micro biners

Nano 23

CAMP Nano 23 Full View

I have pretty small (girl) hands. I still think the gate opening on this biner is too small (and rather stiff). Only one finger can fit comfortably on the gate (two fingers = one gets smushed when you go to close the gate). I've heard a few people claim “you get used to it” but I'm not hardcore enough to keep trying something that doesn't work for me. I have two of these biners and they rarely accompany me on a trip. For a small biner, I'd rather have 4-7 more grams and a pleasant experience. It works like it should, but that just doesn't work for me. Note: I know CAMP has slightly improved the Nano 23 since it's first release, which is the model I have. I haven't tried any of the newer ones.

uber lightweight
super small gate opening
stiff gate action