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Light, but lacking

Nano 23

CAMP Nano 23 Full View
I'm a crotchety climber

The action on other CAMP biners (especially the photon) is wonderful, but it's disappointing that the action on the nano sucks so hard that it renders this biner almost useless. The gate is very stiff and takes a large amount of force to open it fully, and while it's heavy handed, it's not consistent in the force needed to open the gate either. Push hard at the start, then you have to really crank on the thing from about halfway to fully open. Given that the action on the other microbiners on the market (Metolius Mini), it's obvious CAMP did a terrible job designing and implementing the gate spring on the nano.

On the positive side; they are pretty great for racking. Small, very light, and they come in a "rackpack" full of colors to color coordinate your cams. Since I don't have to fully open the gate to get the biners on and off my harness, I don't mind the shitty action. They're slightly cheaper than their Metolius brothers too.

I prefer the other sub 23g biners out there to the nano. The gate action is just so horrendous that it kills them for me. Good freaking luck trying to clip a rope into these while you're pumping out. Let's not even talk about using these on ice climbs with gloves on.

If my partner would pull out a rack of these on draws, I wouldn't let him take any. If he insisted, I'd beat him with them.

Use them for racking; or beating some sense into climbers who use these to clip into ropes.

it won't kill you
it'll drive you insane