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I have yet to give the rated carabiner a run for its money

Pro Key with Leash

Wild Country
Wild Country Pro Key with Leash
I run WeighMyRack
Cons old

Overall, the nut tool seems a little excessive, but in a strange way I do kinda like the idea that all carabiners I have on my harness are weight bearing (tho I'm not sure what load I would be able to attach to this mini-load-bearing-biner). I definitely like the wide end (palm protector). This nut tool was one of the two options at the climbing shop and the other option didn't have a palm protector--easy choice. If I was going to do it again I'd be conflicted of getting this one or the Feather, Ushba or Torque (requirements: definitely need palm protector and wire gate clip). It's hard to compare the weight of those with this Nutbuster, because I would be adding my own string/mini-biner to secure them to my harness. The leach also seems excessively burley. BUT it's worth noting that I've never had this nut tool get in the way so the stretchy leach does its job well, and I have never had any issue with the leach snapping the tool back and causing problems. AND I have seen friends struggle with their knotted home-made leaches, while I can whip this tool out with ease.

wiregate clip
don't have to make my own leash
palm protector