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2" of live-saving AWESOME.


My first gear fall was onto one of these bad boys, and, as I am here writing this review, it CLEARLY did its job.

What I love about all the Metolius Ultralight power-cams (and why I choose to rack mostly Metolius rather than the more widely used Black Diamond) is that the action is snappy and easy to do one handed while ALSO being extremely lightweight. I can twist my wrist with the bigger sizes and know exactly where the cam is going. I can hang a whole pile of them off my harness and not be as weighed down as many of my climbing pals. While some might feel the pull-back is stiff (and IS compared to the BD cams), it gives me the sense that the Cam wants to return to the open position, which ultimately is where it will be performing its life-saving duties.

Performance-wise, Metolius Ultralight Power Cams are the way to go for me.

easy to use