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 The Guru is not imported to the US. Sadly, this shoe is not available in the US and we have limited ability to track where else in the world it's sold (sorry!). When we know more info, we'll post it here.

Saltic Guru Climbing Shoe
  • Saltic Guru Climbing Shoe
  • Saltic Guru Climbing Shoe
  • Saltic Guru Climbing Shoe
  • Saltic Guru Climbing Shoe
  • Saltic Guru Climbing Shoe




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Aggressive look, created for technical use, it features the Velcro® closure system. A special thin midsole is ideal for small edges, maintaining a great friction sensibility. Suitable for multi-purpose use in the mountains and bouldering.

Weight 360 g

Single : 180 g / 6.3 oz
Pair : 360 g / 12.7 oz
(we converted grams to ounces)

Closure Type Velcro
Gender Unisex
Volume ­
Sizing Information UK sizes 2-11
­Image icon Saltic_Shoe_Size_Chart.jpg
Best Use (Highest Performance) All-around
Trad / Crack
Sport / Face
Asymmetry Moderate
Last Details Shape: Arched (technical)
­Saltic considers last information super top secret so we can’t define the last types further than the initials CT-40, CH-15. But, if you find a Saltic shoe that fits, any Saltic shoes with the same last initials will fit your foot in a very similar way.
Upper Material ­Micro fiber
Midsole Material ­Hyflex RS
Sole Material 3.5 mm Extasy® or Vibram® XS­
Footbed Lining


EXTASY Technology


it‘s not just a name, extasy is a philosophy that gives you the best feeling from climbing. Years of studying, experimenting and never ending testing is how our extasy formula was developed into a climbing shoe rubber. This new highly technical recipe, developed for specific use, enhances shoe performance of the shoe toe box better than it‘s competition. Well balanced combination between edging strengths and smear performance makes extasy a strong weapon that will stand up to any rock structure there is. Extasy is guaranted for extensive performance.

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Climbing Gear Review rating B+

The Guru is a well-built, high-performing yet comfortable shoe, well suited to intermediate sport climbing. The tongue is connected to the shoe with comfortable, form-fitting elastic for a precise fit, and the Velcro straps cinch down tight without cramping your foot. Like the Bara, the Guru has Saltic’s air-outlet system, which makes it smoother to put on.