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 This version of the Flash 2.0 is officially retired.You've found a page of history! The Flash 2.0 is no longer produced by Mad Rock and it is not available to buy from major online retailers. You can still check out all the specs and claim your ownership.

Mad Rock Flash 2.0 Climbing Shoe
  • Mad Rock Flash 2.0 Climbing Shoe
  • Mad Rock Flash 2.0 Climbing Shoe
  • Mad Rock Flash 2.0 Climbing Shoe
  • Mad Rock Flash 2.0 Climbing Shoe
  • Mad Rock Flash 2.0 Climbing Shoe
  • Mad Rock Flash 2.0 Climbing Shoe
  • Mad Rock Flash 2.0 Climbing Shoe
  • Mad Rock Flash 2.0 Climbing Shoe
  • Mad Rock Flash 2.0 Climbing Shoe
  • Mad Rock Flash 2.0 Climbing Shoe
  • Mad Rock Flash 2.0 Climbing Shoe

Flash 2.0

Mad Rock


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Mad Rock's iconic Flash has finally gotten a total redesign. The Flash's blend of comfort, durability, and performance has lead to its embrace by multitude of climbers. Over the years, the flash has been the subject of raving reviews and has won many accolades. So what could we do to make it even better? By mixing this time tested classic with our science proven innovations. The tradition leather upper has been combined with Synflex, a synthetic stretch material, to offer performance while maintaining a consistent plush fit. We've redesigned the 3D molded heel to maximize friction. The Flash 2.0 will also be the first climbing shoe on the market to incorporate Shock Gel to reduce the impact force on the heel. A everlasting poly-carbonate midsole give the Flash 2.0 a consistent and predictable flex through out the life of the shoe.

Retail price

US$ 83.00

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Weight 230 g

Size 9 (US) single : 230 g / 8.1 oz
Size 9 (US) pair : 460 g / 16.2 oz
(we converted grams to ounces)

Closure Type Velcro
Gender Unisex
Volume Average
Sizing Information US sizes Men 3-13, 14, 15

Your "fit" should be determined by the type of climbing that you intend doing, combined with your experience level. Remember that leather upper shoes are likely to stretch over time (mostly in lateral width), while lined and synthetic upper shoes are not likely to stretch much at all...

Image icon Madrock_Shoe_Size_Chart.JPG
Best Use (Highest Performance) All-around
Asymmetry Low
Last Details Shape: Flat (comfort)
Construction: Slip Lasted
Upper Material ­SynFlex (a proprietary synthetic stretchy material)
Midsole Material 1.8 mm Polycarbonate
Sole Material 3.8 mm Science Friction 3.0, Flat sole
Rand: 2.2mm Science Friction R2
Footbed Lining


3D Molded Heel Technology

3D Molded Heel

Introducing, the best hooking heel ever created. With help from our team of athletes around the world, we've designed a heel cup that will hook, smear, jam, or lock better than any other heel design out there. Our new 3D Molded Heel Cup features grooves to improve hooking ability and ensures that your heel won't pop off of your project. As with any of our other features, we never skimp on materials by manufacturing with non-climbing grade rubber.
Polycarbonate Midsole Technology

Polycarbonate Midsole

Our AES midsoles utilizes 3D molded polycarbonate material to maintain its shape throughout the life of the shoe. It also provides a predictable and consistent flex throughout its lifespan without sacrificing sensitivity. Due to its stiffness, we were able to incorporate this new midsole material in conjunction with our 3D molded rubber sole to increase performance and stability while minimizing the thickness of both. Our AES consists of 3 midsole shapes to control flex and edging.
Science Friction 3.0 Technology

Science Friction 3.0

Years after the launch of the first Mad Rock rubber formula, our new Science Friction 3.0 compound marks a special milestone for the Mad Rock brand. After exhaustive research and a new production process originating in the USA, our new formula has a distinctively different characteristic than our previous batches. More durable than any of our previous formulas, our new Science Friction 3.0 also boasts higher friction. This optimal balance is incorporated into our new mix by increasing the tear strength and the memory of the compound. Due to its unique characteristics and unparalleled performance, our new Science Friction 3.0 formula is used on all of our shoes components like the 3D Power Upper, 3D Hooking Heel, 3D Concave Sole as well as the soles in all of our rock shoes.
Science Friction R2 Technology

Science Friction R2

In addition to the new formula for the sole and components of our new 2011 line, the new Science Friction formula was also incorporated into our new rand rubber mix. Higher friction and durability for the rand rubber is a testament to our commitment to performance and improvement in our rock shoe line. Enhancing the elasticity of the rand rubber was also a priority when developing the new rand rubber. As our new Science Friction R2 has greater give without the loss of performance, our new models feel extremely comfortable and sensitive, giving you that glove-like fit.
Flash 2.0 Shoe

This video shows where and how the Flash 2.0 shoes are made.

Flash 2.0 Shock Gel Heel Test
Flash 2.0 Shoe All Around View

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Climb ZA Gear Review no rating given just a review

I got the shoes at the end of last year. Immediately I liked the colour.  I’m a ginger, it spoke to me.  I was skeptical that they would be any good but it was going into competition season and I figured I would start in the gym and see how they go.  They went fantastic.  Sensation in the toe box was excellent.  I could feel all the little bumps of the foot chips I stood on and when I smeared on nothing the rubber bit down and the shoe didn’t twist on my foot.  I was very impressed so I took them out to the crag and tried them on my project, which needed one soft shoe, a scummy drop knee push and one hard shoe for a tiny chip that you tippy toe off of.  They worked great.  It was at this point that I made them my go-to shoes for the Boulder Leagues.  So in the six months I have had the shoes they have held up against 8-10 hours training a week, 2 nights a week of Boulder League and at least 1 crag day a weekend.  They are starting to look a little used now but have held up amazingly well.

Outdoor Gear Lab Gear Review rating 2.8/5

The bottom line is that the highly innovative folks at Mad Rock have come up with a solid shoe that doesn't require multiple trips to the blood bank to afford. They are a great shoe for cruising through the lower grades in comfort, putting in an all-day effort at the gym, or pulling on some moderate boulder problems. The price point and comfort level also makes them a great option for beginners who are not wanting to invest a ton of money in a hobby that they are unsure they will really get into.

Climbing Gear Review no rating given just a review

The original Flash was Mad Rock’s price-point, all-around shoe. And at $60, it’s a bargain price for a decent kick. Now, there’s also the Flash 2.0, a comfy Velcro designed for more performance and a unique padded heel. A new synthetic/leather upper maintains fit better than the pure leather of the original Flash, and with a flat, slightly asymmetric last and average width, the Flash 2.0 is comfortable for most feet. Mad Rock’s Shock Gel insert in the heel reduces soreness from bouldering falls, descents, and multi-pitch belays. And while it doesn’t excel at any climbing style, the new Flash does a decent job at everything.