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La Sportiva Oxygym Men Climbing Shoe
  • La Sportiva Oxygym Men Climbing Shoe
  • La Sportiva Oxygym Men Climbing Shoe

Oxygym Men

La Sportiva


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This comfortable shoe is breathable and durable, with breathable upper that is excellent for moisture management and super comfortable on your foot all day. The AirTex Silver lining helps to reduce odor. The shoe is completely WASHABLE so it's ideal for gyms and any climber that is looking to wash the funk off! The highly adjustable closure system adapts to multiple foot types and shapes.

Retail price

US$ 99.00

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Weight 202 g

Single : 202 g / 7.13 oz
Pair : 404 g / 14.26 oz

Closure Type Velcro
Gender Men
Volume High Wide
Sizing Information European sizes 34-48, including half sizes.

La Sportiva Shoes are built on European half sizes which are smaller increments than US half sizes.

Image icon la_sportiva_shoe_comparison_chart.jpg
Image icon la_sportiva_shoe_comparison_graph.jpg
Best Use (Highest Performance) All-around
Asymmetry Moderate
Last Details Shape: Flat (comfort)
­Last : RL 45 This means the last has a round toe, is large, flat, and has moderate asymmetry.
Upper Material ­3-Layer WashTex: washable external fabric / Structural micro fiber / Internal no-sweat fabric
Midsole Material 1.8 mm LaspoFlex
Sole Material 5.0 mm FriXion® RS­
Footbed Lining

AirTex Silver


Foam cushioning material used in most modern running shoes. EVA stands for Ethyl Vinyl Acetate.
Frixion RS Technology

Frixion RS

sticky rubber soles for all types of mountain activities can be adapted to provide super grip. Black FriXion RS is the stickiest of the FriXion rubber used in rock climbing shoes.


Super lightweight, ultra-thin synthetic fiber-laminate designed for maximum torsion rigidity.
Other Shoe Versions male female
Washable Oxygym Shoe
Features of Oxygym
Oxygym Shoe

Watch boldering wearing Oxygym shoe.

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Climbing Gear Review no rating given just a review

“Even after a few hours in a muggy gym, my feet weren’t sweating nearly as much as in my other shoes, and they’re so comfy, I didn’t take them off at all, even between climbs,” says one avid gym rat. Five millimeters (many other shoes have 4mm) of sticky rubber means these shoes will last season after season. And did we mention the sweet price? $99

Climbing Gear Review no rating given just a review

Pay attention, gym rats! The days of sour, funky, repugnant climbing shoes are over. Not only are these mid-performance shoes machine-washable (throw ‘em in with regular detergent and then air dry, they won’t shrink, stretch, or change shape), but they’re also designed with sweaty, stinky feet in mind. The upper is three layers: a perforated outer for breathability, microfiber in the middle for structure, and a wicking fabric that’s lined with silver to prevent smell and keep you dry. These shoes were also easy to wear for entire two-hour gym sessions, thanks to a flat (read: very little downturn) design, a stiff, supportive 1.8mm midsole, 5 millimeters of rubber on the sole, and a slightly asymmetric toe. If you do want to take these on and off constantly, two hook-and-loop Velcro closures made them easy on–easy off, and it was quick and simple to dial in the fit every time. Also available in a women’s-specific version.