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La Sportiva Miura VS Women Climbing Shoe
  • La Sportiva Miura VS Women Climbing Shoe
  • La Sportiva Miura VS Women Climbing Shoe
  • La Sportiva Miura VS Women Climbing Shoe
  • La Sportiva Miura VS Women Climbing Shoe
  • La Sportiva Miura VS Women Climbing Shoe

Miura VS Women

La Sportiva


My vote: None ( 5.4 avg )


Easy on and off convenience makes this sporty, high-end edging and smearing shoe a must for bouldering and technical climbing. We pulled key design elements from the Miura Women and incorporated them into this three strap hook and loop closure system. The one-piece leather upper has a synthetic lining to control stretch and is unlined under the foot to allow for excellent sensitivity on micro edges and smears. The Miura VS Women is built with the P3® platform for a continued down turn shape and XS Grip2 outsole which makes it excellent for everything from smears to steep overhangs.

Retail price

US$ 185.00

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Award Image
Award Image
Weight 228 g

Single : 228 g / 8.23 oz
Pair : 456 g / 16.08 oz
(we converted grams to ounces)

Closure Type Velcro
Gender Women
Volume Low Narrow
Sizing Information European sizes 33-42, including half sizes.

La Sportiva Shoes are built on European half sizes which are smaller increments than US half sizes.

Image icon la_sportiva_shoe_comparison_chart.jpg
Image icon la_sportiva_shoe_comparison_graph.jpg
Best Use (Highest Performance) Sport / Face
Asymmetry Aggressive
Last Details Shape: Downturned (performance)
Construction: Slip Lasted
Last : PD 75 This means the last has a pointed toe, it is downturned and has high asymmetry.
Upper Material ­Leather
Midsole Material 1.1 mm P3® with LaspoFlex
Sole Material 4.0 mm Vibram® XS Grip2­
Footbed Lining

Dentex, unlined underfoot


Synthetic rock shoe lining material with two way stretch.


Super lightweight, ultra-thin synthetic fiber-laminate designed for maximum torsion rigidity.
P3® Technology


Permanent Power Platform used in climbing shoes to maintain the downturned shape of the shoe for the life of the shoe.


A technology used in climbing shoes where the bottom of the outsole has a hole cut in it. The slingshot rand is then engineered to connect to the sole of the shoe in this area. When the toe of the shoe is weighted on an edge the weight of the climber stretches from the heel forward. The hole cut in the sole causes the shoe to only stretch in the back half of the shoe effectively leaving the toes in place on the surface of the rock.

Slingshot Rand

One-piece rubber rand wraps around the entire foot preventing stretch and driving the foot forward for a powerful forefoot fit.
VIBRAM® XS Grip2 Technology


Represents the natural evolution of VIBRAM® XS Grip, the new XS Grip2 delivers highly improved grip, while maintaining consistent performance in all temperatures. XS Grip 2 is the best solution in pure friction situations while remaining durable and even-wearing.
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Features of Miura VS Women Shoe
Miura VS Review
Miura VS shoe Review by Outdoor Gear Lab
Miura VS Women
Miura VS Review
Miura VS Shoe

Watch climbing wearing Miura VS Shoe.

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No reviews yet.

Outdoor Gear Lab Gear Review rating 3.8/5

These shoes perform well, but lack in comfort. We have climbed many pitches in these shoes and have relied on them in many desperate situations and came away satisfied, however we have a hard time recommending such an expensive shoe when it is so uncomfortable right out of the box.

Crux Crush Gear Review no rating given just a review

I’ve owned two pairs so far and I will likely buy them again. They’ve become my outdoor warm-up shoes and go-to gym shoes (even though Cate wouldn’t use them this way). If you have the time to be patient, you won’t have to pay full price for these babies. Check out the outdoor gear aggregator to compare prices.

UK Climbing Gear Review no rating given just a review

I've climbed in the Miura VS' a lot now, both inside and out. I've found them ideal partners for pushing me to climb that little bit harder on Gower limestone, at home in Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire on sandstone/limestone; also down on Portland and in Costa Blanca. Nine months later, I'm still really enjoying them. They have worn in to match my foot shape, but are a long way off wearing out, so I feel starting out with sore feet has paid off in the long run. I've found shoes that are comfy straight out of the box are often too roomy after a couple of months. The uppers haven't gone baggy either, and the shoes are generally still in great shape.

This seems partly due to the durability of XS Edge rubber, partly due to La Sportiva's P3 midsole, (which is designed to 'leave the arched shape of the climbing shoe unaltered, without compromising original performance and push-power, even after years of hard use'), and partly due to the synthetic lining of the upper which has kept the leather from stretching out too much. Kev's only complaint was with the Velcro. He wore out the Velcro on his within a few months. I have to say the Velcro on mine has remained sticky as ever ... perhaps it's because I'm not as strong as Kev so don't rip them open with the same force.

Rock and Run Gear Review no rating given just a review

Having used both lace up and VS models, I would favour the lace up for slab climbs, but would choose the VS for everything else. As a climber who does a bit of everything I found the VS a more versatile choice, mixing the specialist features of precise power on steep angles with better all round credentials than many other down turned shoes.

Blister Gear Review no rating given just a review

If your shoe quiver is in need of a technical face-climbing workhorse, I don’t know that you can do better than the Miura VS. The stiffness of the Velcro version, relative to the lace-up Miura, accentuates the Miura’s already well-known ability to edge and grab small features. People in the sport climbing camp (like me) won’t bat an eye at the loss of crack climbing prowess (since I never used them for cracks in the first place), and will applaud the edging improvements of the Miura VS. For those in the sized-up trad/crack climbing camp, well, stick with the Miura lace.

Dream in Vertical Logo no rating given just a review

Recently, I took the shoes on their first route (Window Shopper, 5.11c, Pine Creek). They were, again, fantastic, if a bit painful still, for standing on small edges. I didn’t really feel like I could smear in them at all, but they compensated for that by allowing me to stand on micro-crystals. Now I’m even more excited to wear these on other routes, since I love the kind with technical footwork on very small holds.

Rock and Ice Gear Review rating 4/5

After a full year of hard toeing, twisting and torquing, the Miura VS has suffered no dip in its performance—amazing unto itself—and it still excels on dime-edges, heel hooks (maybe the best?), and finger cracks. The shoe has stretched a bit, but not that much (not nearly as much as its older sister, the lace-up Miura tends to). This is due to Sportiva’s patented P3 platform that retains the shoe’s shape, and hence performance, over a long lifetime.

Climbing Gear Review no rating given just a review

The streamlined Miura VS offers true high-end performance on a wide variety of terrain. The Velcro version shares the same asymmetrical, downturned last and pointed toe as the classic Miura, creating a shoe equally fluent on thin faces and wicked overhangs. The three Velcro closures were almost as effective at fine-tuning fit as laces, though one tester with wide feet commented that the middle strap wasn’t long enough for his liking. The Miura VS has a lined upper but no lining underfoot, which allowed for a sensitive feel with only moderate stretch (about a half-size). Testers commented on the stickiness of the Vibram XS Grip rubber.

Climbing Gear Review no rating given just a review

The exceedingly popular Miura VS is now made in a lower-volume version that delivers the same high performance on all rock angles. This shoe received rave reviews from testers for vertical granite, overhanging sport, bouldering, multi-pitch, and gym climbing. One tester simply called them the “best shoes” on the market. With a stiff, P3 midsole, asymmetric and downturned last, Dentex lining (no lining underfoot), leather upper, and 4mm Vibram XS Grip2 rubber, the Miura VSW excels at just about everything. Three opposing hook-and-loop closures allow a fine-tuned fit normally reserved for lace-ups. One tester would have liked more rubber on top of the toe for hooking, but that was the only gripe. The Miura VSW is the most expensive shoe in the review, but that didn’t prevent testers from answering a unanimous “yes” to the question: Would you buy these shoes?