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La Sportiva Genius Climbing Shoe
  • La Sportiva Genius Climbing Shoe
  • La Sportiva Genius Climbing Shoe


La Sportiva


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A High-end lace up climbing shoe with No-Edge™ technology. The highest performance climbing shoe on the market.

No-Edge™ technology delivers unparalleled edging performance on the rock.
P3® patented technology delivers mind bending power.
Lace-up comfort makes this shoe fit every type of foot.

Retail price

US$ 195.00

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Award Image
Award Image
Weight 440 g

Single : 220 g / 7.76 oz
Pair : 440 g / 15.52 oz

Closure Type Lace
Gender Unisex
Volume Low Narrow
Sizing Information European sizes 32-46, including half sizes.

La Sportiva Shoes are built on European half sizes which are smaller increments than US half sizes.

Image icon la_sportiva_shoe_comparison_chart.jpg
Image icon la_sportiva_shoe_comparison_graph.jpg
Best Use (Highest Performance) Sport / Face
Asymmetry Aggressive
Last Details Shape: Downturned (performance)
Construction: Slip Lasted
Last : PD 85 This means the last shape has a pointed toe, it is downturned and has high asymmetry.
Upper Material ­Suede Leather / Micro fiber
Midsole Material 1.1 mm LaspoFlex with P3®
Sole Material 3.0 mm Vibram® XS Grip2­
Footbed Lining



Super lightweight, ultra-thin synthetic fiber-laminate designed for maximum torsion rigidity.
No Edge Concept™ Technology

No Edge Concept™

The No-edge concept eliminates the traditional "edges" of the sole. This allows the foot to come into closer contact with the rock surface. Thus enhancing foot sensitivity and allowing optimum contact on the hold. With the No-edge construction, climbing becomes more fluid, instinctive and harmonious.
P3® Technology


Permanent Power Platform used in climbing shoes to maintain the downturned shape of the shoe for the life of the shoe.
VIBRAM® XS Grip2 Technology


Represents the natural evolution of VIBRAM® XS Grip, the new XS Grip2 delivers highly improved grip, while maintaining consistent performance in all temperatures. XS Grip 2 is the best solution in pure friction situations while remaining durable and even-wearing.
Details of Genius Shoe

All the details of Genius shoe, a very well discussed review of Genius shoe.

Features of Genius Shoe
Testing Genius Shoe

Watch Joe Kinder testing La Sportiva Genius shoe.

No-Edge Technology

This humorous video explains La Sportiva's No-edge technology. If you want just the details and no fluff, skip to 1:32 in the video.

Genius Shoe
Genius Shoe Review
All Around View of Genius Shoe
Genius Shoe
Introducing Genius Shoe
Choosing The Right Climbing Shoe - Part 4

No reviews yet.

Blister Gear Review no rating given just a review

The La Sportiva Genius is a specialized, high-performance shoe that excels at difficult face climbing, performing exceptionally well on smears, pockets, and most edges. It takes the No-Edge design of the Futura and combines it with an even more aggressive last, making for a shoe that inspires confidence on the hardest routes. And while it has a very asymmetrical, downturned shape, the Genius is surprisingly comfortable thanks to its higher-volume fit and soft rubber. The Genius’ high degree of asymmetry is a hindrance on straight-in cracks, but that’s no surprise. And while the Genius toe- and heel-hooks well enough to be a high-end bouldering shoe, the P3 platform under the toe tox means that it lacks some of the sensitivity that many climbers prefer for really steep boulders. But if the Genius’ high price isn’t a dealbreaker, it offers excellent performance on all types of face climbs.

Epic TV Gear Review no rating given just a review

This is a high performance shoe, with remarkable straight out of the box comfort. Whilst they are comfortable and secure, I wouldn’t use them for day to day training or general sport or trad climbing and on certain routes, but as a high performance red-point, bouldering and hard-trad shoe, La Sportiva Genius are exceptional.

Climb ZA Gear Review no rating given just a review

In short, La Sportiva’s “No Edge Technology” is amazing! It has sped up my footwork and given me more confidence on tiny footholds. The Futuras are the best fit for me, and have become my favourite shoes for crimpy climbs. The Geniuses offer all the benefits of the “No Edge Technology” but with more comfort (and they look like friggin’ Ferraris!). I still use the Solutions on overhanging climbs when I need that little bit of extra power on my toes, or when I need to hook my toe on a hold in the roof, but for everything else I prefer the “No Edge” shoes. If you have good footwork, but are still struggling to trust your feet, or if you just need a new pair of shoes and can’t decide whether to edge or not to edge, then I suggest you give these shoes a try.

UK Climbing Gear Review no rating given just a review

The Genius are a unique pair of shoes to climb in and despite my original cynicism regarding the no-edge design it worked well in practice, particularly on steeper ground. Obviously they are a shoe for a more technical/advanced user and as a result are best suited towards higher level bouldering/sport climbing. As a final word, these are without doubt a shoe I will re-buy after my existing pair wears out and are likely to become part of the collection of rock boots I regularly use.

Outdoor Gear Lab Gear Review rating 5/5

Whether or not you're a believer (or have yet to permit yourself to be converted, go on test your conviction) in No Edge shoes, the worthiness of the Genius is hard to deny. A fusion of many inspired designs, the Genius blends the best aspects of some tried and true favorites to create a unique and very complete package.

Splitter Choss Gear Review no rating given just a review

The only downside is that they retail for $190, which makes them the most expensive shoe on the market. However, climbing shoes are the only piece of gear that can really affect your climbing, and if you are looking for a precision tool for your latest project, these are worth checking out.

Switch Back Travel Gear Review no rating given just a review

You’ve probably heard people say, “buy nice or buy twice.” The Genius is expensive—prohibitively so for many people. But if you think about it, is the $20-40 extra you spend on something you’ll wear every time you climb really all that much money? If you love steep rock climbing, you’ll love this shoe. You’ll probably forget how much you spent on it not long after you start using them. Meanwhile, you’ll also probably use them and love them for months to come. One possible problem is that it appears that resoling the shoe will be difficult to impossible. I can’t imagine how it would be done, and it’s sure to be more expensive in the end. That said, the No-Edge concept is designed to last a lot longer than regular shoes, so you may not need to resole nearly as often. When all the cards fall, we’d say that if you’re reaching for your wallet, just pull the trigger. You won’t regret it.

Climbing Report Gear Review no rating given just a review

The La Sportiva Genius is not your hang out at the crag all day or multi-pitch shoe. It is a shoe you should give a serious look at if you’re working steep sport or boulder routes and trying to get that red-point. The fit is spot on for medium-narrow feet. The sticky sole with the no edge design do a great job at deforming just enough to give a 3-D grip on all available surfaces. Check them out. They are a tad pricey, so just like you expect to pay a premium for a sports car that holds the ground, so you should with climbing shoes as well. MSRP $190 (though we see them for $155 at many online retailers – snatch them up if you can get them at that price).

Jonathan Siegrist Gear Review no rating given just a review

Overall I was impressed, as I expected to be. For me personally, the No-Edge is not my favorite, yet. I still prefer a fresh pair of Testarossa's on edging terrain (mostly what I climb on) but for steep bouldering or smearing these seem to be the ticket. I love the colors, I love the rubber on the toe and the heal system. If you are a fan of the Futura but you want a more supportive shoe, this is perfection for you. Buy them.

Climbing Gear Review no rating given just a review

Building off the success of the Futura’s No-Edge technology, La Sportiva decided to put that rounded toe on a lace-up shoe with a heel similar to the time-tested Testarossa to create the aptly named Genius. “A perfect example of the final product being more than the sum of its parts, the Genius is just that: snug but comfortable, an aggressive downturn, and incredible performance on anything from vert to super-steep,” said one tester who took them for single-pitch trad at Tennessee Wall and sculpted sandstone boulders at Little Rock City, both near Chattanooga, Tennessee. The idea behind No-Edge is that climbing shoes that are at their broken-in sweet spot are actually blunt at the toe, instead of having a sharp, precise edge. This design skips the breaking-in period so you get a brand-new shoe that is ready to crush. The Genius has the same cushy mesh sock as the Solution, which lets you really crank on the laces to get a “freaking perfect fit,” and testers lauded the offset laces and extra rubber wrapped up over the front of the shoe to make the Genius really ideal for toe hooking and even foot jamming. The outside rubber also extends pretty far back, making back-stepping and drop-knees even easier. Ding: The high price, but this is definitely one of the best high-performance rock shoes on the market.