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Five Ten Anasazi MoccAsym Climbing Shoe
  • Five Ten Anasazi MoccAsym Climbing Shoe
  • Five Ten Anasazi MoccAsym Climbing Shoe
  • Five Ten Anasazi MoccAsym Climbing Shoe
  • Five Ten Anasazi MoccAsym Climbing Shoe Front
  • Five Ten Anasazi MoccAsym Climbing Shoe Back
  • Five Ten Anasazi MoccAsym Climbing Shoe Outsole

Anasazi MoccAsym

Five Ten


My vote: None ( 4.9 avg )


In 1990 Five Ten introduced a shoe for every climber's shoe quiver. The MoccAsyms are low profile for thin cracks, have a confidence inspiring feel for soloing, and a comfort fit for a shoe proven to perform in all situations from bouldering to long routes. MoccAsym's unique Asym™ slingshot delivers exceptional precision and C4™ outsoles offer the ultimate in rock adherence.

Retail price

US$ 125.00

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Weight 227 g

Single : 227.20 g / 8.0 oz (Size 9)
Pair : 454.4 g / 454.4 oz (Size 9)
(we converted grams to ounces)

Closure Type Slipper
Gender Unisex
Volume ­
Sizing Information US sizes : 2-14, 15UK sizes : 1-13, 14
­Image icon Five-Ten-Shoe-Size-Chart.jpg
Best Use (Highest Performance) All-around
Trad / Crack
Asymmetry Low
Last Details Shape: Flat (comfort)
Construction: Slip Lasted
Upper Material ­Split-Grain Leather
Midsole Material ­
Sole Material ­Stealth® C4™
Rand: Asym™ Slingshot
Footbed Lining


STEALTH® C4™ Technology

STEALTH® C4™ Technology

The world's hardest rock climbs were made possible with STEALTH® C4™ and its still the favorite of many top climbers. C4™ provides high friction and excellent edging.
Anasazi MoccAsym Review
Anasazi MoccAsym Shoe All Around View
Anasazi MoccAsym Shoe Review

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Next Adventure Gear Review rating 9/10

Great second shoe to advance climbing, size down as much as you can and maybe buy a second pair for the tragic moment down the line when the shoe eventually stretches out.

Outdoor Gear Lab Gear Review rating 4.4/5

The Five Ten Moccasym is one of the most comfortable and convenient shoes we tested. Chris Mac has probably logged 600+ days of climbing in about six different pairs. They are just so comfortable and easy to get on and off.

These soft and sticky shoes fit well in cracks of all sizes and are the go-to shoe for many Indian Creek climbers. They feel fairly precise when new, but soften over time and work best for people with strong feet. When new, they also tend to leach dye onto your feet…so don't be frightened the first time you take them off and see blood-red toes!

My Climb Gear Review no rating given just a review

In Spain, I opted for an aggressive edging shoe and my Moccasym. The Moccs offered me an unbelievably soft and comfortable fit. The lack of laces or Velcro also helped with keeping my feet free of sand at the beach crags of Aliconte. I had purchased a brand new pair for Spain and I was grateful when our time ended that I did. The Moccs stretched both in width and length, I felt that the heel could be of lower volume as well. As for edging, I knew from my past experiences with the Moccs that they would come up short, the design is too flat-lasted and the toe box is a tad rounded.