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 The Tiger is not imported to the US. Sadly, this shoe is not available in the US and we have limited ability to track where else in the world it's sold (sorry!). When we know more info, we'll post it here.

Climbers in Europe can buy the <a href="" title="to the Andrea Boldrini Tiger shoe page" alt="to the Andrea Boldrini Tiger shoe page" target="_blank"> Tiger</a> directly from Andrea Boldrini site.

Andrea Boldrini Tiger Climbing Shoe
  • Andrea Boldrini Tiger Climbing Shoe
  • Andrea Boldrini Tiger Climbing Shoe
  • Andrea Boldrini Tiger Climbing Shoe


Andrea Boldrini


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Technical shoe incorporating the internal structure of Talisman footwear offering increased comfort and exceptional fit.

Tiger allows use towards a practical technical cliff , increasing support for the joint during peak loads.

It inherits the sole of the FCS technology to have a permanent contact on hold through a course and a pivoting of the edge no offset.
This system allows to stiffen the edge while keeping a good sensitivity.

The 100% micro fiber shaft provides comfort from his first spell at the foot and prevents stretching of the liner after use.

An elastic tongue made of a spandex / foam complex / Lycra just keep the foot as an elastic ballerina while accentuating the comfort and breathability of the foot.

The coating on the front was raised to maximize the protection of the foot when going into cracks. The sole moves with a point up on the dorsal part of the slippers offering better grip and detachment problems on the old version.

The heels gums are built in order to increase retention while reducing excessive thrust on the previous version.

The insert is rigid to provide good support for long routes and thus increase the accuracy in sliders and pork scratchings.
Double rear zippers.

Retail price

US$ 142.47
Price is a static conversion from
Weight 465 g

Size 41 (EUR) single : 232.5 g / 8.2 oz
Size 41 (EUR) pair : 465 g / 16.4 oz
(we converted grams to ounces)

Closure Type Lace
Gender Unisex
Volume ­
Sizing Information European sizes 32-48, including half sizes

Changing for one or two sizes above won’t make a big difference. If you don’t want to have squashed toes, choose a model with a moderate pressure at the heel or an appropriate lacing to maintain the foot laterally.
Even with a wider slipper, the heel blocking tension will anyway strain the...

Image icon Andrea_Boldrini_Shoe_Size_Chart_0.jpg
Best Use (Highest Performance) Trad / Crack
Sport / Face
Asymmetry ­
Last Details Shape: Arched (technical)
Upper Material ­Micro fiber
Midsole Material ­
Sole Material 4.5 mm Formula Rubber Tractor­
Footbed Lining ­
Formula Rubber Tractor Technology

Formula Rubber Tractor

Formula with an excellent grip and held of the edge on low and high temperatures. Since its development this formula has proved its performances to the best climbers in the world.
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