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 The 10.1mm Xion 60m Dry is officially retired.You've found a page of history! The 10.1mm Xion 60m Dry is no longer produced by Petzl and it is not available to buy from major online retailers. You can still check out all the specs and claim your ownership.

Petzl 10.1mm Xion 60m Dry
  • Petzl 10.1mm Xion 60m Dry
  • Petzl 10.1mm Xion 60m Dry

10.1mm Xion 60m Dry



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The XION is our toughest all-around rope. The 10.1 mm diameter is extra durable and the weave is specially designed to offer an excellent hand and a suppleness similar to that of thinner ropes. In addition, the XION has 22% more sheath by weight than comparable ropes in the Petzl lineup. The XION is great for those who want the increased longevity of a larger-diameter rope without sacrificing ease of handling.

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US$ 199.00

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Weight 66.0 g/m
8.730 lbs / 3960 g
Diameter (millimeters) 10.1 mm
Length (meters) 60 m
Rope Type Single­
UIAA Falls (Single / Half / Twin) ­7  / 00
Dynamic Elongation (Single / Half / Twin) 33.6 % / 0.0 % / 0.0 %
Static Elongation (Single / Half / Twin) 6.7 % / 0.0 % / 0.0 %
Impact Force (Single / Half / Twin) 8.20 kN / 0.00 kN / 0.00 kN
Dry Treatment Sheath­
Sheath Proportion (%) 42.0 %
Sheath Slippage (mm) ­
Type of Middle Mark None
Rope End Marker None
Certification ­
Making a Backpack Coil
Watch a tour of Petzl's facilities as they explain all the testing involved

Warning: This video is dubbed in English. If you're getting antsy, skip to section 7:40-8:15 for one of the most interesting parts, where they show a hardware specific camera inspection.

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Splitter Choss Gear Review no rating given just a review

In truth, I’d already decided this was an excellent rope, which should appeal to a wide range of folks. Beginners will appreciate how tough it is, as it should last for several seasons before you need to upgrade. Sport climbers can use it as a beater project rope that can take the abuse of repeated hangdogging, falls and TR sessions. Or if you want a well balanced all arounder that can handle everything from multipitch climbing to ice and will still feel dreamy at the sport crag, the XION just might be the rope for you.

Climbing Gear Review

This rope proved itself again and again as solid for everything from toproping vertical pitches to projecting overhanging sport routes. One satisfied tester called the Xion his “first choice” out of the three cords he tested. It handled easily and was very flexible, especially for its size; other ropes around this diameter were stiffer and a bit more unruly. Nice touch: The rope comes from the shop ready to flake out—no specialized uncoiling or tedious untangling required.