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 This version of the 8.6mm Corbie 70m 2xDry is officially retired.You've found a page of history! The 8.6mm Corbie 70m 2xDry is no longer produced by Edelrid and it is not available to buy from major online retailers. You can still check out all the specs and claim your ownership.

Edelrid 8.6mm Corbie Black-Blue
  • Edelrid 8.6mm Corbie Black-Blue
  • Edelrid 8.6mm Corbie Snow-Icemint

8.6mm Corbie 70m 2xDry



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If you are pushing it to the limit, the Corbie 8,6 might mean the difference between success and failure. It’s super light and water resistant thanks to our high-quality finishing processes.

Certified as twin, double and single rope
Pro Shield finish for optimal performance
Dry Shield finish for outstanding dirt and water resistance
Thermo Shield treatment for perfect handling
Not suitable for working routes or top roping when used as single rope

Retail price

US$ 289.95
Award Image
Award Image
Award Image
Weight 51.0 g/m
7.870 lbs / 3570 g
Diameter (millimeters) 8.6 mm
Length (meters) 70 m
Rope Type Single/Half/Twin 
UIAA Falls (Single / Half / Twin) 5 falls  / 20 falls  / 25 falls
Dynamic Elongation (Single / Half / Twin) 32.0 % / 29.0 % / 29.0 %
Static Elongation (Single / Half / Twin) 8.3 % / 8.3 % / 5.2 %
Impact Force (Single / Half / Twin) 9.30 kN / 6.40 kN / 10.00 kN
Dry Treatment Sheath & Core­
Sheath Proportion (%) 29.0 %
Sheath Slippage (mm) 0 mm
Type of Middle Mark None
Rope End Marker None
RFID / NFC Option


This technology can be helpful if you are a gym or professional business where you'd like to track the usage and age of your ropes.

RFID is how items are uniquely identified using radio waves (Radio Frequency Identification). It's for 1-way communication from 10cm to 100m away depending on the frequency. Example: Airport Baggage.

NFC is a subset of RFID that is restrained to close proximity communication typically less than 10cm (Near Field Communication). NFC chips can operate a 2-way signal to exchange information. Example: Apple Pay.

Certification CE, EN, UIAA
Edelrid Ropes 2014
Making a Backpack Coil

No reviews yet.

UK Climbing Gear Review no rating given just a review

The Corbie is an amazing technical achievement and the technology involved in making a single rope of such low weight will surely feed through into more mainstream ropes over the next years. That low weight does come at the cost of durability, making this not the ideal rope for general climbing, but if you need the absolutely lightest single rope available and understand the trade-offs, then the Corbie is currently the contender to beat.

Blister Gear Review no rating given just a review

All of this paints a somewhat contradictory assessment for me. Ultimately, any reservations I have about the Corbie boil down to the niche for which the rope is made, rather than criticism of its quality. On one hand, it’s an awesome rope, to be sure, and most climbers would get a good season of steady use out of it—it sits near the top of the heap for lightning fast ropes that are as unobtrusive as possible while climbing.

On the other hand, you could argue that the Corbie is too specialized. Many climbers will find their needs better served with a set of twin ropes or a slightly thicker single rope, but if you have a lot of alpine objectives and you want a smaller, faster rope, the Corbie is a strong option.

Climbing Zine Gear Review no rating given just a review

Triple-rated ropes are a game changer. If you climb big routes in places where speed matters, I recommend you invest in one (or a set of) lightweight triple-rated ropes. Edelrid, Beal, and Mammut are currently setting the industry standard for these new ropes. Edelrid offers two top-of-their class ropes: by the numbers, the Corbie is only slightly lighter (1 g/m) than the Swift, with small tradeoffs in elongation and impact force that you’ll probably never notice. Is the Corbie worth the extra $20? Do you want to have the very best, or just really really good…?

Climbing Gear Reviews UK no rating given just a review

The 8.6mm Corbie (RRP: £190 for 60m) will be available from select retailers from March 2014 and is the thinnest triple-rated rope to be found anywhere in the world. Suitability for use in a single, double or twin configuration is a result of EDELRID’s proprietary braided core construction, which functions as a rope within a rope. The incredible strength of this construction allows even very thin ropes, such as the Corbie, to pass the certification norms for a single rope, whilst also remaining lightweight, in this case 51g/m. The Corbie makes use of the full range of EDELRID finishing processes including Pro Shield where microscopic Teflon particles are bonded to the yarns providing a protective layer with greatly improved load-bearing properties. A Dry Shield hydro and oleo-phobic finish, which resists both dirt and moisture, and extends the working lifespan of the rope; plus Thermo Shield a heat treatment that relaxes and then shrinks the fibres of the rope, ensuring it remains both compact and supple throughout its long working life.