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Beal 9.8mm Diablo Unicore

9.8mm Diablo Unicore 60m



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After DIABLO 10.2 UNICORE, BEAL has developed the DIABLO 9.8 UNICORE for more demanding climbers. Due to its very fluid running sheath the 9.8 DIABLO UNICORE performs even better when pulling slack and clipping than 'classic' ropes of smaller diameter and lower weight.
This rope is dedicated to expert climbers and experienced and vigilant belayers, because its easy running quality does not give the same assurance on belay as a rope of larger diameter.
• Remains compact and supple.
• Better abrasion resistance.
• Easy clipping.

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US$ 190.04
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€162.00 EUR
Award Image
Weight 61.0 g/m
8.068 lbs / 3660 g
Diameter (millimeters) 9.8 mm
Length (meters) 60 m
Rope Type Single 
UIAA Falls (Single / Half / Twin) ­5  / -  / -
Dynamic Elongation (Single / Half / Twin) 36.0 % / - / -
Static Elongation (Single / Half / Twin) 9.2 % / - / -
Impact Force (Single / Half / Twin) 8.00 kN / - / -
Dry Treatment None­
Sheath Proportion (%) 38.0 %
Sheath Slippage (mm) 0 mm
Type of Middle Mark None
Rope End Marker None
Certification CE, EN, UIAA
Crash Test of 9.8mm Diablo

No voice, but the demo speaks for itself as Beal cuts a classical industrie rope and a Unicore Diablo rope. The difference is certainly dramatic.

Making a Backpack Coil

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The UIAA equipment standard provides a baseline for equipment performance in a test lab under controlled conditions on new equipment. Although these test conditions are relevant to the conditions encountered climbing, conditions encountered at the crags and the condition of the equipment are equally important. This recommendation from the UIAA member federation The British Mountaineering Council (BMC) provides vital equipment information that is NOT explicitly addressed in the standard, particularly failure modes of the equipment and recommendations for the use, inspection, maintenance, and retirement of equipment.