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Trango React 17cm
  • Trango React 17cm
  • Trango React

React 17cm



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When climbing at your personal limit, the send comes down to how you react to everything involved. The movement, the rock texture, and the building pump in your forearms are only a few parts of the equation. React Carabiners and Quickdraws are designed for low weight and easy handling allowing you to focus on your reaction, not your gear.

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US$ 19.50

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Weight 119 g
Dogbone Size 17 cm long, 25 mm wide
Dogbone Material Nylon / Polyamide­
Dogbone Strength (kN) ­
Top Carabiner React Straight -
US$ 7.95

Trango React Straight Full View
Bottom Carabiner React Bent -
US$ 7.95

Trango React Bent Full View
Introducing Trango React Quickdraw

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Climbing Gear Review no rating given just a review

Replacing our old favorite Trango Smooth draw, the React has a similar build with reliable keylock carabiners, bent gate on the rope end, and a thick dogbone for easy grabbing when you need to do a quick clip or are looking at a sketchy fall. The React has two notable updates over the Smooth, though: a rubber carabiner keeper on the bottom that prevents it from flipping over when trying to clip the rope, and more notably, bar-tacking on the whole bone that stiffens the draw significantly for hard-to-reach clips. “The 17cm version of this draw is a godsend for us shorter folks,” one 5’ tester said after reaching for high clips at Shelf Road, Colorado. “Instead of using my ghetto-rigged homemade stiffie, all of these draws have built-in rigidity. They gave me a bit more peace of mind for trying hard routes with difficult clipping stances.” The price of each draw is about $4 less than similar models, too.

DPM Climbing Gear Review no rating given just a review

The React carabiner’s simple design sits well in the hand and the slightly curved spine directs the narrow nose of the biner toward the bolt hanger. Both ends utilize a notchless “keylock” design so you won’t get hung up when unclipping from webbing or forcefully retrieving your draws from steep sport routes. The stock of the carabiner is an I-beam design on the ends that smoothly transitions to a T-stock design along the spine. The weight for each biner is a relatively light 45 grams considering the strength: 25kN (major axis), 8kN (minor axis), and 9kN (open gate).

Holding the two react carabiners together is a durable, old-school-style, 22kN-rated, “tough” nylon dogbone that comes in 12 and 17 cm lengths. Each dogbone is fitted with a rubber keeper on the rope end biner to prevent biner flip at that crucial tough clip. If you can’t make the clip, grabbing the beefy dogbone is easy on the hands and makes it a cinch to pull up and scout the next crux section.

The Trango React quickdraw retails for $18.95 or you can save a buck by ordering a 6-pack for $112.95.