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Omega Pacific Vulcan 10cm

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Omega Pacific


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The Vulcan Draw is light, compact, and ridiculously stronger than any other 32gram carabiner. The Infinity Wire Gate ensures easy clips, and it reduces the chances of your other gear snagging the gate. 4” Dyneema sling is thin and light, but still really durable.

No longer considered appropriate solely for sport climbs or “clip-ups,” quickdraws have become standard equipment on almost every climber’s rack. Crack climbers, trad climbers and ice climbers alike all agree that they’re time-savers and a vital piece of the climbing system. Used to reduce rope drag and to prevent accidental dislodging of protection on the lead, quickdraws are specialized pieces of equipment that come in a variety of styles, lengths and with varying types of carabiners dedicated to either end.

In general, longer ‘draws are better for wandering face climbs (tripled shoulder slings like our Alpine Draws are the best) or traditional crack climbs, but for short routes that are—primarily—bolt-protected, shorter quickdraws are the norm. For ice climbing, select one of the Five-O series draws for their ease-of-use with gloves; if you’re on a budget, select the Dirtbag Draws for their low cost. No matter what your preference or style of climbing, you’ll find an Omega Pacific quickdraw that’s up to the task.

We orient our carabiners on all our standard quickdraws with the gates facing opposite each other. We feel that this is the safest method to minimize the possibility of simultaneously loading both carabiners in a gate-open position while leading routes which may wander above and to the left or right of your last placement. Under certain circumstances, it is possible for both gates to open during a fall as the ‘draw is scraped along the rock while it orients iteself below the point of protection. By opposing the carabiners on a draw, we reduce the possibility of simultaneous gate-opening in this manner.

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Weight 72 g
Dogbone Size 10 cm long, 12 mm wide
Dogbone Material Dyneema­
Dogbone Strength (kN) 22 kN
Top Carabiner Vulcan Infinity -
US$ 6.95

Omega Pacific Vulcan Infinity Full View
Bottom Carabiner Vulcan Infinity -
US$ 6.95

Omega Pacific Vulcan Infinity Full View
Carabiners and Quickdraws 2015

Introducing the new carabiners and quickdraws of 2015.

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Dirtbag Dreams Gear Review no rating given just a review

I coach a youth competition team, and part of our training in sport climbing outside, as our climbing gym in Vail is much more well-suited for bouldering that sport climbing. The smaller size and ergonomically curved shape of the carabiners on the Vulcan Quickdraws worked amazingly well for my youth team, and I watched even the youngest of leaders feel confident in steadying the draw while clipping the rope – something that does not always happen with a 9-year-old sport climber.