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DMM Thor Quickdraw 18cm
  • DMM Thor Quickdraw 18cm
  • DMM Thor Quickdraw All Sizes

Thor 18cm



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The Thor is a very strong wire gate carabiner with reinforced contact areas that resist the high wear of sport climbing. 11kN gate open and 28kN major axis strength ratings give reassuring safety margins in any climbing situation. Mounting Thor carabiners on a Dynatec sling creates a strong, robust quickdraw able to withstand heavy use in sport, trad or winter.

Retail price

US$ 20.50
Weight 83 g
Dogbone Size 18 cm long, 11 mm wide
Dogbone Material Dyneema­
Dogbone Strength (kN) 22 kN
Top Carabiner Thor -
US$ 9.50

DMM Thor Carabiner
Bottom Carabiner Thor -
US$ 9.50

DMM Thor Carabiner
The Story and Features Behind the Thor Carabiner

Chris Rowlands came all the way from Wales to give us the scoop behind the DMM Thor carabiner.

Features of Thor Carabiner
DMM Thor

This video is kinda "artsy." The first 30 seconds are basically the letters T H O R, and then there's some stats listed (no voiceover). But it's kinda fun background music!

DMM 2013 Carabiners

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Climbing Gear Reviews UK Performance 5/5 Quality 5/5 Value 4/5

So, in conclusion I have no hesitation in awarding the DMM Thor quickdraws 5 stars for performance. I have used them for all my Trad climbing this season, they perform well enough for sport climbing (although they work better for on sighting as the thin Dyneema slings are not good for grabbing) and I feel they will perfom great in winter. The sets come with either a Thor top biner or a shadow top biner, my preference has definitely been for the wire gate Thor.