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 This version of the Photon Wire Express KS Dyneema 15cm is officially retired.You've found a page of history! The Photon Wire Express KS Dyneema 15cm is no longer produced by CAMP and it is not available to buy from major online retailers. You can still check out all the specs and claim your ownership.

CAMP Photon Express KS Dyneema 15cm

Photon Wire Express KS Dyneema 15cm



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Superlight draw equipped with a straight gate Photon Wire carabiner for gear and a bent gate Photon Wire carabiner for the rope end.

11 mm Dyneema® dogbones available in 11, 15 and 20 cm lengths feature the Karstop Evo carabiner retainer on the rope end.

New colors for 2015.

The Photon Wire Express Dyneema® is different from other lightweight quickdraws because its carabiners are still full size. In fact, the Photon Wires feature gate openings up to 25% bigger than comparable carabiners making clipping, cleaning and rigging much easier. The 11 mm Dyneema® dogbones (available in 11, 15 and 20 cm lengths) are equipped with the Karstop Evo carabiner retainer that prevents the rope end carabiner from shifting. The combination of Dyneema® dogbones and the full-size Photon Wire carabiners make these draws a perfect choice for ice climbing where wet conditions and gloved hands create a whole new set of demands.

Retail price

US$ 18.95

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Weight 69 g
Dogbone Size 15 cm long, 11 mm wide
Dogbone Material Dyneema / UHMWPE­
Dogbone Strength (kN) 22 kN
Top Carabiner Photon Wire Straight 2016 -
US$ 7.95

CAMP Photon Wire Straight Gate Blue
Bottom Carabiner Photon Wire Bent -
US$ 7.95

CAMP Photon Wire Bent Gate Carabiner
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The Photon carabiner is an American Alpine Institute Guides Choice Award Winner. Watch the video to see why.

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