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Kouba Vector 5
  • Kouba Vector 5
  • Kouba Vector Set

Vector 5



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Unique geometric shape for perfectly safe placement in a crack. Climbing nuts Vector in set of 5 different sizes in asymmetric/offset shape to use in lots of different types of cracks. Vector nuts covers range of cracks from 11 to 29mm. Colour - coded for easy recognition of size.

Retail price

US$ 8.23
Price is a static conversion from
€7.00 EUR
Weight (grams / ounces) 51 g / 1.80 oz
Size 5 full size (full strength)
Colors as a Nut Set Multi
Strength (kilonewtons) 12 kN
Color Black
Offset Yes, offset for irregular cracks
Range (inches / millimeters) 0.96 in - 1.14 in
24.30 mm - 29.00 mm
Material(s) Main Material: Hard Aluminium Alloy
Wire Material: Steel
Certification CE

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They’re pretty comparable and I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. The important point I’d like to make here is that despite their subtle differences they are both perfectly fit for purpose and both are approved by the UIAA, at the end of the day what it might just come down to your personal preference. Earlier, we asked what you get for your money. Well, you get a pretty good set of nuts at a good price. I don’t think I’d ever climb only on offsets but my rack now comprises a selection of offsets along with symmetrical ones giving me more gear options than I’ve had before. I just wish they were all colour-coded.

The UIAA equipment standard provides a baseline for equipment performance in a test lab under controlled conditions on new equipment. Although these test conditions are relevant to the conditions encountered climbing, conditions encountered at the crags and the condition of the equipment are equally important. This recommendation from the UIAA member federation The British Mountaineering Council (BMC) provides vital equipment information that is NOT explicitly addressed in the standard, particularly failure modes of the equipment and recommendations for the use, inspection, maintenance, and retirement of equipment.