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Simond Coyote Ice Tool
  • Simond Coyote Ice Tool
  • Simond Coyote Ice Tool




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Ice climbing and dry tooling axe with multiple grip options. Descended from the Scud, the first axe of its kind, the Coyote features the latest developments in Simond expertise.
Radical Carving Shaft design (Simond feature) with anti-slip treatment along length of shaft; extremely comfortable and grippy handle; high trigger on handle for improved reach on big moves; great for underclings; head incorporated into shaft making pick totally solid (Simond patent).
The handle design also gives great clearance allowing you to wear thick gloves in extreme cold conditions. Extremely lightweight and efficient, the Coyote will take you as far you can go.

Carving Concept:
Technical tubular construction gives greater clearance under the head of the tool when hooking and dampens vibrations. The trademark feature of SIMOND's ice axe range.

Forged pick:
Forged slimline pick for high-performance placement and hooking, and tough mixed routes. Ultra-grippy rubber handle.

Retail price

US$ 166.47
Price is a static conversion from
£124.99 GBP
Weight (g / oz)

Weight (g / oz)

In grams and ounces, the weight, as stated by the manufacturer/brand.

The weight is the packaged weight. If there are differences in weight (due to optional accessories) we'll note them here.

557 g / 19.65 oz­
Length (cm) 50 cm
Head Details No adze or hammer­
1 Screw adjustment
Ice Rating Pick: B / Type 1
Shaft: T / Type 2
Picks Included with the tool:
Anaconda Cup / Coyote
Pommel & Grip

Pommel & Grip

Upper Pommel

Fixed: An upper pommel that is fixed in place (it cannot move up/down the shaft nor can it be taken off).

Adjustable: An upper pommel that can move up and down the shaft.

Removable & Adjustable: An upper pommel that is completely removable and also adjustable.

Removeable: An upper pommel that is either on or off (it cannot move up/down the shaft).

None: If there is no upper pommel that comes standard (there may or may not be options to buy separately).

Lower Pommel

Fixed: A lower pommel that is fixed in place (the angle cannot be changed nor can it be taken off).

Adjustable: A lower pommel that can change angle or location on the tool.

Removable: When the lower pommel can be removed but not adjusted.

None: If there is no lower pommel that comes standard (there may or may not be options to buy separately).

Upper Pommel: Adjustable
Lower Pommel: Fixed
Grip Size: 1 size fits all (not adjustable)
Materials Pick: Chromoly Steel


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To sell a climbing product in Europe, the device must be CE certified. There are no official requirements to sell climbing gear in the US. The UIAA certification is a voluntary process.

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