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 The Spelios is officially retired.You've found a page of history! The Spelios is no longer produced by Petzl and it is not available to buy from major online retailers. You can still check out all the specs and claim your ownership.

Petzl Spelios
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The two-in-one SPELIOS is made up of a versatile helmet combining a shell with an expanded foam liner and a waterproof hybrid headlamp. This product is suited for cavers and canyoneers looking for a complete, durable and comfortable solution. The hybrid light source delivers a powerful, focused beam (halogen bulb) or a wide flood beam (LEDs), depending on the situation. For greater versatility, the LED light source has three regulated lighting levels to ensure a constant level of lighting until the batteries are completely discharged. Before total depletion, the batteries automatically switch to reserve lighting mode for several hours.

Complete lighting solution:
- durable, lightweight and ventilated helmet
- electric lighting is lightweight and easy to use
- waterproof down to -5 meters
Two powerful light sources to choose from depending on the activity:
- halogen light for long-range, focused lighting
- 14 LEDs for flood beam proximity lighting, with three lighting levels (maximum, optimum, economic)
Constant level of proximity lighting with a long burn time:
- 14 LED regulated for a constant level of lighting until the batteries are almost discharged
- automatically switches to reserve power mode when batteries are almost discharged
Comfortable lighting and easy to use:
- on/off switch can be locked to prevent accidental operation
- light body can be tilted
Space for spare halogen bulb in the light body of the headlamp.

Retail price

US$ 220.00

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Weight (g)

Weight (g)

In grams, the weight, as stated by the manufacturer/brand.

If there are differences in weight (due to multiple size or optional accessories) we note those here.

505 g

Size 1 : 505 g / 17.8 oz
Size 2 : 535 g / 18.9 oz
(we converted ounces to grams)



This is the gender as stated by the manufacturer/brand.

We use the term "Men" and "Unisex" interchangeably, as there is no difference between these types of helmets.

Size Range

Size Range

The sizing options of the helmet according to the manufacturer.

18.90 in - 24.00 in

Size 1 : 48-56 cm / 18.9-22 in
Size 2 : 53-61 cm / 20.9-24 in
(we converted centimeters to inches)

Quick Adjust

Quick Adjust

Quick Adjust refers to the straps of the helmet. Do you want the ability to ability to "quickly" adjust the fit. This could be a dial, or other plastic pieces.

Really, most climbers don't need to change the fit of the helmet often, unless you're climbing with and without hats, or you have big hair that flattens and then requires tightening after climbing for awhile.

Vents Yes
Headlamp Compatable Yes
Face Shield Compatable No


The main climbing gear certifications are CE and UIAA--and normally the UIAA creates the rules that the CE body also supports. When possible, we try to list all the certifications the product carries.

To sell a climbing product in Europe, the device must be CE certified. There are no official requirements to sell climbing gear in the US. The UIAA certification is a voluntary process.

Learn More

Rock and Ice Certifications Guide
Watch a tour of Petzl's facilities as they explain all the testing involved

Warning: This video is dubbed in English. If you're getting antsy, skip to section 7:40-8:15 for one of the most interesting parts, where they show a hardware specific camera inspection.

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