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 The Meteor III+ is officially retired.You've found a page of history! The Meteor III+ is no longer produced by Petzl and it is not available to buy from major online retailers. You can still check out all the specs and claim your ownership.

Petzl Meteor III
  • Petzl Meteor III
  • Petzl Meteor III
  • Petzl Meteor III
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Meteor III+



My vote: None ( 3.2 avg )


Weighing only 235 grams, the METEOR III + sets the standard in terms of lightness and comfort. It is also one of our most ventilated models.
Its innovative adjustment system allows each climber to adjust his/her helmet to head shape. Originally designed for climbing and mountaineering, the METEOR III + also meets the European standards for cycling and whitewater sports.

-Lightweight, low profile and very well ventilated helmet (the most ventilated climbing helmet available)
-Adjustable chinstrap, nape height and headband for an extremely comfortable fit
-Retractable adjustment system for easy storage and transport
-Meets international standards for mountaineering and European standards for cycling and whitewater sports
-Expanded polystyrene liner absorbs impacts
-Compatible with VIZION face shield
-Headlamp attachment with four optimally placed clips
-Interior comfort foam is removable and washable

Retail price

US$ 99.95

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Award Image
Award Image
Weight (g)

Weight (g)

In grams, the weight, as stated by the manufacturer/brand.

If there are differences in weight (due to multiple size or optional accessories) we note those here.

235 g­


This is the gender as stated by the manufacturer/brand.

We use the term "Men" and "Unisex" interchangeably, as there is no difference between these types of helmets.

Size Range

Size Range

The sizing options of the helmet according to the manufacturer.

20.90 in - 24.00 in­
Quick Adjust

Quick Adjust

Quick Adjust refers to the straps of the helmet. Do you want the ability to ability to "quickly" adjust the fit. This could be a dial, or other plastic pieces.

Really, most climbers don't need to change the fit of the helmet often, unless you're climbing with and without hats, or you have big hair that flattens and then requires tightening after climbing for awhile.

Vents Yes
Headlamp Compatable Yes
Face Shield Compatable Yes


The main climbing gear certifications are CE and UIAA--and normally the UIAA creates the rules that the CE body also supports. When possible, we try to list all the certifications the product carries.

To sell a climbing product in Europe, the device must be CE certified. There are no official requirements to sell climbing gear in the US. The UIAA certification is a voluntary process.

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Rock and Ice Certifications Guide
Features of Petzl Meteor III+
Views of Petzl Meteor III+ Helmet

No voice but the video shows all around views of Meteor III+ helmet.

Petzl Meteor III Review
Petzl Meteor III Review
Petzl Meteor III Review
Watch a tour of Petzl's facilities as they explain all the testing involved

Warning: This video is dubbed in English. If you're getting antsy, skip to section 7:40-8:15 for one of the most interesting parts, where they show a hardware specific camera inspection.

( 2.6 avg )
( 2.6 avg )

Light, but poor fit on small heads and bad strap design

Poor fit
poor ventilation

I have a small head, but I'm in the size range given by Petzl. I couldn't get the strap to fit properly because it isn't fully adjustable. Once I managed to figure out I could shorten it by improvising (wrapped it around the plastic thing at the back) the fit was alright.

Another issue is that there are large gaps between the sides of my head and the helmet. I'm not sure what the consequences are in case of an accident. Lastly, the top of my head sometimes gets hot and itchy, which I think is due to a lack of ventilation in that area. I have the white model which makes me look too much like a mushroom. Keep in mind these foam helmets can only take one impact, so they're not ideal for ice climbing and mountaineering. Another potential issue is that a British mountaineering organization rated the impact forces much higher on this helmet compared to traditional designs.

Harry Holmes Gear Review no rating given just a review

I bought this helmet as I wanted something that would be able to withstand a side impact, which the meteor III+ does very well. Before this helmet I owned a Grivel Airtech, but it really didn't fit as nicely or cover as much of my head as the Meteor. The Metero features easy to use headlamp attachments. The Meteor is a very good trad or sport climbing helmet. This gets a harry rating of 1 thumb up.

Peak Mountaineering Logo

The only disadvantage of this type of helmet is durability. A very lightweight shell covering a polystyrene dome means the Meteor is prone to damage if packed carelessly or, of course, if it is struck by an object. Infact, helmets of this type intentionally absorb impact partly by deforming and so they are more of a one hit design than some other types on the market. For this reason I don't personally wear this type of helmet for activities like ice climbing where being clunked by chunks of ice is fairly common. It also means that, should the helmet receive a significant impact, you should expect to retire it and invest in a new one. In truth I don't see this as a problem as replacing any helmet after it had taken a big impact is good practice.

Zion Adventures Logo

The Meteor III continues the Petzl tradition of high-quality helmets. In my opinion, Petzl helmets tend to be the most comfortable, adjustable, and durable helmets out there. Expect to spend a bit more up front ($99.95), but it is really a small investment in the long run. The only critique I have is about the appearance: the colors and designs are a bit much. Perhaps it is a European thing, but I am not really into the bright colors and flowery designs available for the Meteor III. All in all, these are minor complaints for an otherwise solid piece of protection.

Climbing Gear Review

The latest iteration in Petzl’s popular helmet line, the Meteor III+ was a favorite among testers. After climbing multiple pitches in Teton Canyon, one tester said he forgot he was even wearing it. Weighing in at 8.3 ounces, the Meteor III+ is the second-lightest among the bunch. It also proved to be impressively comfortable for a wide variety of heads, with an easy-to-maneuver dual-point adjustment system. This system, which engages by depressing two little tabs, does a great job at keeping the helmet in place, no matter if you’re wearing a ball cap or snow hat. Likewise, the chinstrap is easy to alter with a single yank. All of this can be done even with bulky gloves on. Three clips in the back and two in the front ensure that headlamps won’t slide around, and small vents throughout the helmet’s sides help keep your head cool despite the heat or difficulty of the pitch.
Best of all, this helmet is rated not only to take the impact of an object hitting you (like a rock whizzing down from above)—it’s also built to absorb the impact of your head hitting something (like smashing into a wall in a fall.) That means not just better protection for you when climbing, but also protection for your wallet—you can use the same helmet for biking and white-water sports, according to European standards.

Climbing Gear Review

The Meteor has long been a top helmet choice for all-around climbing, and this year it gets a few more updates that make it even better. It’s always shined as a well-vented and lightweight brain bucket, but by expanding the size of existing vents and adding a few more, designers were able to cut weight and make it more breathable without any loss of integrity. “One of the most breathable helmets I’ve worn,” one tester said. Though a smart adjustment system allowed this helmet to fit a wide variety of domes, Petzl added a smaller size (48 to 56cm and 53 to 61cm) for the most diminutive melons. The harness nests down into the helmet for easy packing. A soft headband molded to testers’ noggins for complete comfort and admirable sweat wicking, and testers were free of pressure points caused by other helmets. Favorite feature: Petzl’s magnetic buckle chinstrap (which was first seen on the Petzl Sirocco, out last year) makes on and off doable with one hand, a key trait for climbers of all types.

Alpinist Gear Review rating 5/5

The Meteor III is the best helmet I have ever worn, and it's so light and comfortable that I no longer have any excuses to leave my helmet behind on any adventure, local crag or big alpine route alike.
Pros: Light; comfortable; breathable; cool orange racing stripes for speed.
Cons: Durability is questionable, but hey, that's just the trade-off with lightweight helmets.