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 The Elios is technically retired but it's still sold online.The Elios is no longer produced by Petzl. We're showing it as "available" on WeighMyRack because you can still find it at trustworthy online retailers.

Petzl Elios Helmet
  • Petzl Elios Helmet
  • Petzl Elios Helmet
  • Petzl Elios Helmet
  • Petzl Elios Helmet
  • Petzl Elios Helmet
  • Petzl Elios Helmet
  • Petzl Elios Helmet
  • Petzl Elios Helmet
  • Petzl Elios Helmet
  • Petzl Elios Helmet
  • Petzl Elios Helmet
  • Petzl Elios Helmet
  • Petzl Elios Helmet
  • Petzl Elios Helmet




My vote: None ( 4.2 avg )


Durable multi-purpose helmet.

Very versatile and durable, the ELIOS helmet is suitable for climbing, mountaineering, caving, via ferrata, canyoning... It offers effective impact protection with its ABS shell and polystyrene foam liner. Fully adjustable and adapts to all head shapes: The sliding ventilation shutters allow the user to open or close them depending on conditions.


Designed to offer maximum durability and versatility:
- lightweight, durable shell of injected ABS
- expanded polystyrene foam liner
- helmet suitable for climbing, mountaineering, caving, via ferrata, canyoning...
Comfortable on the head:
- sliding shutters to adjust ventilation
- absorbent comfort foam
- adjustment buckles are placed to the sides, away from the chin
Totally adjustable according to head size:
- quick and easy headband adjustment, even while the helmet is being worn
- headband height adjustment
- chinstrap can be positioned forward or back
Adapts easily to the activity:
- headlamp can be attached using the four integrated clips
- Compatible with the VIZION eye shield

Material(s): ABS shell and expanded polystyrene liner

Retail price

US$ 64.95

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Weight (g)

Weight (g)

In grams, the weight, as stated by the manufacturer/brand.

If there are differences in weight (due to multiple size or optional accessories) we note those here.

300 g

Size 1: 300 g / 10.6 oz
Size 2: 330 g / 11.6 oz
(we converted grams to ounces)



This is the gender as stated by the manufacturer/brand.

We use the term "Men" and "Unisex" interchangeably, as there is no difference between these types of helmets.

Size Range

Size Range

The sizing options of the helmet according to the manufacturer.

19.00 in - 24.00 in

Size 1: 48-56 cm / 19-22 in
Size 2: 53-61 cm / 21-24 in
(we converted centimeters to inches)

Quick Adjust

Quick Adjust

Quick Adjust refers to the straps of the helmet. Do you want the ability to ability to "quickly" adjust the fit. This could be a dial, or other plastic pieces.

Really, most climbers don't need to change the fit of the helmet often, unless you're climbing with and without hats, or you have big hair that flattens and then requires tightening after climbing for awhile.

Vents Yes
Headlamp Compatable Yes
Face Shield Compatable Yes


The main climbing gear certifications are CE and UIAA--and normally the UIAA creates the rules that the CE body also supports. When possible, we try to list all the certifications the product carries.

To sell a climbing product in Europe, the device must be CE certified. There are no official requirements to sell climbing gear in the US. The UIAA certification is a voluntary process.

Learn More

Rock and Ice Certifications Guide
Highlight of Petzl Elios Helmet

No voice but the video shows views of Elios helmet from multiple angles.

Petzl Elios Review
Black Diamond Half Dome Vs Petzl Elios
Elios Helmet Review
Petzl Elios Review
Elios Review
Petzl Elios Review
Watch a tour of Petzl's facilities as they explain all the testing involved

Warning: This video is dubbed in English. If you're getting antsy, skip to section 7:40-8:15 for one of the most interesting parts, where they show a hardware specific camera inspection.

( 4.1 avg )
( 5.2 avg )

Protect your dome

This is my first helmet, and although I've bought another I still wear this one. Very comfortable, it doesn't move on my head, and most of the time I forget that it is there. It was a cheap option when I was looking around, and I have no complaints.

I think anyone would be very happy to purchase it.

( 3.5 avg )

Not for Goldilocks

simple adjustment knob

Ok, blondes can wear this fine, but maybe not picky people. I wore this helmet for 5 years rockclimbing, mountaineering, ice climbing, and even occasionally backcountry skiing (and once on a bike, not recommended!).

It kept my noggin safe from many many scrapes, tossed ropes and falling rock and debris, but never was the most comfortable. I have a small head and thus bought the smaller size (size 1?), forgetting to leave room for a hat. The larger size was so big I couldn't get it to tighten small enough. If the chin strap on the smaller size had been a wee bit longer it would have made all the difference, but alas, after much discussion with the manufacturer, there was no way to fix it. I've never had a problem shoving a ponytail in the Elios, but I recently upgraded to an Elia. It is much more comfortable, although I prefer the adjuster knob on the Elios. Good weight for durability.

( 3.5 avg )

Keepin' my dome safe...crookedly.

Strong plastic shell
easy to adjust
No ponytail cutout
sits crookedly

I will admit, when it comes to keeping my dome safe, I mostly am concerned with function but it DOES sometimes annoy me that I will have this bad boy buckled down, cranked nice and snug against my forehead and STILL have it sit all sideways.

It also requires hair to be let down or worn in braids due to its lack of ponytail cutout. However, after having this helmet for 3+ years and subjecting it to all kinds of abuse it has held up well--no broken components, and only cosmetic scratches. Good, functional helmet.

( 4.3 avg )

No Qualms With This Helmet

Pretty Comfortable
Not the most attractive looking helmet because it sits high

I have owned two of these helmets and have been completely happy with everything about it. Need a helmet and don't have any specific criteria for what you need to wear, than just grab this one. It will meet your every need.

I have owned two of these helmets and have been completely happy with everything about it. Need a helmet and don't have any specific criteria for what you need to wear, than just grab this one. It will meet your every need.

Mountains For Everybody Gear Review no rating given just a review

Petzl Elios helmet is a reliable tool from a renown brand. This is a comfortable hardshell helmets, made of lightweight and durable ABS shell in four colors. ABS stands for Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, well known for its toughness and impact resistance. So having this on your head, you can be sure that you have the best lightweight protection.

Outdoor Gear Lab Gear Review rating 4/5

The Elios is the most comfortable hardshell helmet we tested. We find it to be just slightly more comfortable than the Black Diamond Half Dome for two reasons. First, the brow padding is soft and fuzzy compared to the firm smooth padding of the Half Dome. Secondly, the way the rear adjustment band contacts the occipital area is more ergonomic and feels better when the helmet is tight.

Harry Holmes Gear Review no rating given just a review

The Elios feels more durable than the Meteor and is my main helmet for winter climbing and general cragging. The Elios is an all round helmet for the all round climber. This gets a Harry rating of 2 thumbs up.

Climbing Gear Review rating A-

Summary: One of the new-generation hybrid models, the Petzl Elios has one of the trimmest silhouettes of any helmet we tested, an asset in tight spaces. It’s also very light; one tester forgot he was wearing it and cooked up dinner at camp before he realized he still had it on. The fit system is one of the best in the test — all that’s needed is a quick twist of the ergonomic dial. On the downside, the helmet could do with a bit more padding in the rear of the suspension (it’s bare plastic) and on the polystyrene cap, where several testers noted pressure points. Padding on the chin strap would also be a plus. The Elios features good, shrouded ventilation, and, like its brother the Ecrin, mates well with headlamps. An optional face shield is available.
Pros: Light; easy to adjust; well ventilated; accommodates headlamps well.
Cons: Needs more padding.

The UIAA equipment standard provides a baseline for equipment performance in a test lab under controlled conditions on new equipment. Although these test conditions are relevant to the conditions encountered climbing, conditions encountered at the crags and the condition of the equipment are equally important. This recommendation from the UIAA member federation The British Mountaineering Council (BMC) provides vital equipment information that is NOT explicitly addressed in the standard, particularly failure modes of the equipment and recommendations for the use, inspection, maintenance, and retirement of equipment.