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Black Diamond Snaggletooth Crampon
  • Black Diamond Snaggletooth Crampon
  • Black Diamond Snaggletooth Crampon
  • Black Diamond Snaggletooth Crampon Pair
  • Black Diamond Snaggletooth Crampon


Black Diamond


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Combining the precision of a monopoint with the stability and versatility of horizontal frontpoints, the Snaggletooth is the perfect crampon for technical alpine routes in the big mountains.

Originally conceived by Black Diamond athlete and metalworker Whit Magro, the Black Diamond Snaggletooth Crampon is a horizontal monopoint designed for big alpine routes where crux mixed pitches demand technical precision, but long approach slopes and snowy summit ridges require increased stability. A small secondary frontpoint offers additional stability and bite on both steep ice and low-angle neve. The Snaggletooth’s stainless steel construction features a strong yet lightweight design with rocker in the front rail to accommodate modern mountain boots.

Unique horizontal monopoint with smaller secondary front point.
Stainless steel construction is lightweight, durable, resists snowballing and won’t rust > Low-profile micro-adjust heel bail offers precision fit.
Includes front and rear dual-density ABS.

Retail price

US$ 219.95

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Award Image
Award Image
Weight per Pair (g / oz)

Weight per Pair (g / oz)

In grams and ounces, the weight of both crampons together, as stated by the manufacturer/brand.

If there are differences in weight (due to multiple sizes or optional accessories) we'll note those here.

890 g / 31.39 oz­
Ideal Uses Technical Mountaineering / Alpine Mixed (Rock & Ice) / Dry Tooling
Sizing ­
Binding System Automatic
Front Points Horizontal Mono ­
Front Point Offset Yes, Permanently Offset
Number of Points 14
Main Material Stainless steel
Wear Indicators No
Anti-Ball Plates Included­
Crampon Case Sold Separately (see the case here)
Heel Spur Attachment None made for this model­


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Black Diamond Snaggletooth Crampon

All the details of Snaggletooth crampon.

Sharpening Your Crampon

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WeighMyRack Gear Review in-depth technical review

After being a huge skeptic, Bill Belcourt (head of BD R&D) says the Snaggletooth is the only crampon he climbs on now. The horizontal monopoint platform appears to have a significant stability advantage over traditional vertical monopoints. With benefits for alpine and mixed climbers of all levels, the horizontal monopoint could become the most versatile monopoint on the market.

Climbing Report Gear Review no rating given just a review

The Black Diamond Snaggletooth crampons are definitely different to look at, but for alpine pursuits you quickly forget the design and just got. It’s often not until you encounter technical moves where you’re glad that you have that single point that you remember what you have on your feet. Vertical ice performance is solid. We’re not sure we’d want to exceed WI4 in these, unless it’s hero ice, but most alpine routes sit in the WI2-3 range so the performance shouldn’t lack much, if at all vs. vertical front point crampons. If you find yourself climbing a lot of technical alpine routes, or want to, then the Black Diamond Snaggletooth crampons are right up your alley.

Climbing Gear Review no rating given just a review

A big mountain dilemma: There isn’t a single set of crampons that are ideal for crossing glacial terrain and then climbing steep snow and ice to reach a summit. Until now. The aptly named Snaggletooth is an innovative hybrid developed with ice and mixed master Whit Magro that combines the stability of horizontal frontpoints (which handle better in snow and névé) with the precision of a mono point (which excels in vertical ice and mixed terrain). “For harder routes on a peak like Rainier, these spikes are a real godsend,” said one tester. For dedicated ice and mixed climbing, look elsewhere, but for long routes with technical cruxes in glaciated ranges, look no further.

The UIAA equipment standard provides a baseline for equipment performance in a test lab under controlled conditions on new equipment. Although these test conditions are relevant to the conditions encountered climbing, conditions encountered at the crags and the condition of the equipment are equally important. This recommendation from the UIAA member federation The British Mountaineering Council (BMC) provides vital equipment information that is NOT explicitly addressed in the standard, particularly failure modes of the equipment and recommendations for the use, inspection, maintenance, and retirement of equipment.