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Gadd Space Open View
  • Gadd Space Open View
  • Gadd Space Half Open View
  • Gadd Space Half Open View
  • Gadd Space Half Close View
  • Gadd Space Side Handles
  • Gadd Space Aluminum Bracket




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Strong, durable material, resistant to moisture and abrasion.
It has a comfortable shoulder straps and carrying handle.
Tightened with aluminum brackets.

Retail price

US$ 109.80
Price is a static conversion from
zł399.00 PLN
Weight (lbs / kg)

Weight (lbs / kg)

In pounds and kilograms, the weight, as stated by the manufacturer/brand.

9.92 lbs / 4.50 kg
Fold Type Straight Hinge
Number of Foam Layers one
Foam Layout ­
Fabric ­
Features Side Handle(s)
Backpack Carry
Removable / Hidden Straps
Dimensions (ft / m)

Dimensions (ft / m)

In feet and inches / meters and centimeters, the length, width, and height of the bouldering pad, as stated by the manufacturer/brand

2.95 ft x 4.92 ft x 3.90 in
0.90 m x 1.50 m x 10.00 cm
Space Pad by Gadd

See the Space pad in action! <em>Thanks to Nicola B. for the find.</em>

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