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Mammut 12 mm Magic Sling 60 cm

12 mm Magic Sling 60 cm



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The Magic Sling 12.0 is manufactured in a completely new manufacturing process - a core of round-wound Dyneema® yarn is wrapped with a wear-resistant sheath. The result is an ultrargotious round sling, which does not require a load bearing connecting seam. Due to the special construction, the Magic Sling 12.0 has a significantly higher knot strength compared to conventional band slings. Due to the core-sheath construction (load-bearing core and protective sheath), the sling is also significantly less susceptible to damaging UV radiation and, in the case of abrasion by rough rock, the tensile strength of the sling is not impaired. The Magic Sling 12.0 therefore offers the absolute maximum safety in the case of stand construction or as an hourglass loop.

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US$ 10.95

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Weight (grams / ounces)

The weight as specified by the manufacturer, in grams and ounces.

Length (cm / in) 60 cm (24 in)
Width (mm / in) 12 mm (0.472 inches, a bit under 1/2 an inch)
Material(s) Dyneema­
Strength (kn) ­
Certification ­

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Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best and the Magic Sling is a good example of that adage.  To be clear, there is a lot of technology incorporated into this fabric loop, but in essence using multiple loops of Dyneema fibres encased in a tough sheath is a simple enough idea.  Mammut have managed to create a product that does its job well whilst also having added the added safety elements of increased knot strength and a long lasting sheath.  Bravo Mammut.