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Great Fit

This harness performs supremely well for gym climbing, outdoor sport and trad, and multi-pitch climbs alike. It is sturdily constructed and fits my dinosaur thigh/small waist combination like a dream. The slick nylon is easy to adjust, while the auto doublebacks grip to keep the adjustments where you want them. The waistband is mesh helping with air circulation; gear loops are easy to access and strong enough to withstand a heavy beating. I have been using my Luna harness for 3+ years and it looks brand new (minus a little dirt). I would definitely recommend this harness to all my dudegirls. While this harness is QUEEN for rock everywhere, I would recommend something lighter and more compactable for glacier travel. Due to the doublebacks being sewn and a size more tailored to fewer layers, getting this puppy over crampons and thick layers is inadvisable.