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inexpensive and good lookin'
Nose design makes clipping a challenge

So, we were given one of these 'draws for testing along with the Dash Dirtbag 'draws. I immediately gravitated to the this quickdraw as I've used but never owned a keylock draw before. I had high hopes. After only a couple of weeks, this draw started spending most of its time on the ground. The Dash Dirtbag eclipsed the Classic Keylock in most ways. The problem: the keylock nose is designed in such a way that it meets the body of the 'biner at an almost 90 deg. angle. This makes clipping the 'biner to a bolt hanger a challenge, especially if the threads of the bolt are a little long which requires rotating the carabiner through the hanger. The carabiner doesn't suffer from this problem when unclipping from bolts or harness. I would be inclined to use these draws on non-sport climbs where desperate clips to small bolt-hangers are not the norm. The carabiners' gate action was pleasant and the nice blue anodizing ensures that they look good dangling from your harness. I can't speak the durability yet but given how robust they feel, and our experience with other Omega Pacific carabiner, I wouldn't be surprised if they hold up very well.
Take away: if I could pick these up on sale I'd be tempted to grab them. But I don't think they'd be my first choice if I were going to invest in a new set of keylock draws.

WeighMyRack received one of these from Omega Pacific for testing purposes.