Review Item: 
easy to adjust
Ponytail slot
Padding at headband is pretty thick and makes for a warm wear
sits high

I gotta admit, for an impulse buy, this is one divine helmet. Having seen that this lovely helmet came in a great, bright purple color, I decided to buy it (because everyone can use a 'spare' for when their friends visit, right???) and have been absolutely thrilled. I can now keep my ponytail up (instead of having to take it down and deal with the flyaway hair) since it has a ponytail slot. There is enough adjustability in the sizing that I can wear a hat underneath for cold days, and the straps stay in place once you've adjusted them.
Aside from how it sits a little high, my only complaint is that the padding in the headband is pretty thick. On a hot day, this is uncomfortable, but quickly goes to the back of your mind when working a climb. Definitely not enough to make me think I need a different helmet. Elia FTW.