Bouldering Pads

Kinetik KiloNewton Deluxe Bouldering Pad
KiloNewton Deluxe    $325.00    own     want    
Kinetik Newton Deluxe Bouldering Pad
Newton Deluxe    $240.00    own     want    
Kinetik Newton Bouldering Pad
Newton    $225.00    own     want    
Kinetik MicroNewton Deluxe Bouldering Pad
MicroNewton Deluxe    $149.00    own     want    

Kinetik is committed to movement. Kinetic energy is the energy possessed by a body in motion. That's the approach they take to everything; from how they personally interact with their customers, to how they work with the athletes in their Climbing Crew, and how they design the products that they make.

At Kinetik they strive for products that move the sport forward both on an individual level as well as the evolution of products that surround the sport that we love.

Kinetik Climbing Products is a company conceived in Southern Illinois and born in Colorado. They are a company founded on a passion for climbing and good design. Although started in 2010, they have been developing climbing products for 8 years. They believe that good design can be both simple and extremely functional. They will continue to innovate new solutions to the problems that surround the pursuit of climbing. They are a U.S. company that manufactures 100% in the USA- based out of Colorado. They continue to offer the kind of personal and unique customizable products that can only be offered by a company that does its own manufacturing. When possible, they use U.S. made materials and they continue to work towards using sustainable domestic materials.