Bouldering Pads

Gadd Moon
Moon    800 g    $30.91    own     want 
Gadd Space Open View
Space    4500 g    $114.29    own     want 
Gadd Blue Star Open View
Blue Star    5000 g    $101.31    own     want 

Gadd specializes in the design and production of sports equipment. They offer different sizes of crash pads, holds, chalk bags large and small. Cave bags and specialized clothing. Our company motto is "to provide high quality at a good price." They want to make climbing and bouldering available for everyone. To do this, they synchronize the work of many people from their employees organizing production and the clients and their needs. They are constantly trying to maintain a high quality. They are a company that wants to act in the world. It is important for them to be responsible, creative, and work as a team. In order to maintain the high quality of their products they are continuously improving their processes.