Bouldering Pads

Flashed Tanto Pad
Tanto    997 g    $103.30    own     want    
Flashed Ninja Yellow Open Form
Ninja    5500 g    $246.87    own     want 
Flashed Samurai Close View
Samurai    6350 g    $251.86    own     want 
Flashed Ronin Close Front View
Ronin    7500 g    $366.12    own     want 
Flashed Temple Close Front View in Red Handle
Temple    7500 g    $294.72    own     want    
Flashed Shogun Open View
Shogun    8300 g    $423.85    own     want 

Flashed, to be direct, is a manufacturer of Bouldering gear. We are more than that though; we eat, breath, and sleep bouldering. When are not out bouldering or clipping draws (for power endurance), we are testing, designing, and researching ways to produce the best bouldering equipment possible. In addition to engineering equipment, we test and consult for climbing walls and landing systems. You could say we are good at spotting!