Cilao OZ 22 Ultra Race Front
OZ 22 Ultra Race    82 g    $72.23    own     want 
Cilao OZ 22 Race Front
OZ 22 Race    100 g    $72.23    own     want 
Cilao OZ 22 Expert Front
OZ 22 Expert    135 g    $83.34    own     want 
Cilao OZ 37 Pro Front
OZ 37 Pro    190 g    $94.46    own     want 
Cilao Dragon Front
Dragon    250 g    $31.66    own     want 
Cilao Ixo Front
Ixo    350 g    $52.52    own     want 
Cilao Ikko Front
IKKO    400 g    $40.85    own     want 

100% French- and European-made: Cilao is one of the few remaining companies to manufacture its products in France and Europe.


To satisfy the most stringent demands!

To offer the ultimate in lightweight, comfortable products, without compromising durability, to enable you to reach the highest peaks: that has been CiLAO's mission since 2003.

Less weight, more energy, more comfort!