Researching Climbing Gear Should be Easy

Gear is Just a Tool To Assist in Outdoor Experiences

Buying crappy gear is a bigger problem than deciding which gear to take on a trip.

(why we don't weigh your rack yet--we're focused on how to find the right gear first)

How the site works now:

(we're best as a researching tool, to find the gear that fits your needs)

Pick a gear type from the navigation

We took every piece of gear available, and put it on one page per gear type.

(that's why it loads a little slow)

An excerpt of 80 carabiners out of 500

Then we added filters & sorting so you can find what you care about most.

(each page has specialized filters that correspond to the gear type)

An example of filtered sorting

Oh, we also have a 'details' page, that turns the pictures into lots of useful words.

(and you can sort on any spec--like gate opening!)

An example of the spreadsheet of data available

And if you find something you like, we'll tell you the best deal too.

(and we only show reputable brands)

Buying options, sorted by lowest price

We have reviews and we'd love it if you wanted to share your gear experience so we can all make better decisions.

(7 star reviews with a ratings key so you can differentiate what's really awesome)

A clearer star rating system

Save your favorite finds in your want list for when you're ready to buy.

(or you could send your list to santa in time for xmas)

A list to save your research

Or save the gear you already own, to drool over, or to send to your climbing partners.

(someday in the distant future, it might automatically weigh itself...)

A section of the site that will someday weigh your owned items

Save time researching and go climbing!