Austri Alpin

Austri Alpin Special Figure-8 Yellow

Climb Tech

Climb Tech Rappel

Climb X

Climb X Guide Pro ATC Belay Device
Climb X Mako Belay Device
Climb X V-Max Belay Device
Climb X XTC Guide Belay Device
Climb X XTC-XP Belay Device


Faders Ballet
Faders Suprem


Fusion Neo-Sat Belay Device
Fusion Titan Belay Device


Grivel Shuttle


Kailas Alopias Red


Salewa Figure 8 Medium G2

It's true, you can't sort and filter on every belay device in the world. *sigh*

There are a bunch more belay devices we know exist, from brands like Austri Alpin, Climbing Technology, Fusion, Ice Rock, LACD, Rock Empire, Rock Exotica, Salewa and Tendon. The problem is, we just don't have enough data (price/weight) for these belay devices to pass our filters.

Technically some of these belay devices exist in our database. So instead of rendering our filters useless by showing every "incomplete" belay device above, we're listing these belay devices below so you can still see all the options.