Edelweiss 9.8mm O-Flex 30m Rope

Edelweiss 9.8mm O-Flex
Edelweiss 9.8mm O-Flex

The O-Flex process created and used by EDELWEISS to build a particular range of climbing ropes consists in an innovative braiding system, and a single perfectly round core element. It creates a round and incredibly flexible rope. This climbing rope will keep its flexibility and perfect cohesion throughout its life. Tests have shown that on artificial climbing structure the O-flex process multiplies by 2 to 3 the rope life span. This 9.8mm model is designed specifically for top-roping & indoor climbing.

Rope Length Range: 
49m & under
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Technical Specifications

Weight (in grams per meter) 63.0g/m
Weight (in pounds) 4.166 lbs
Diameter (in millimeters) 9.8 mm
Length (in meters) 30
The Rated Rope Types Single
Type of Middle Mark Marking
UIAA Falls (Single / Half / Twin) 6 / - / -
Dynamic Elongation (Single / Half / Twin) 34.0% / - / -
Static Elongation (Single / Half / Twin) 9.8% / - / -
Impact Force (Single / Half / Twin) 8.20 kN / - / -
Dry Treatment None
Sheath Proportion
Sheath Slippage 0 mm
End Marker None
RFID Optional None

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