Blue Water 7/16 INCH SAFELINE Rope

Blue Water

The BlueWater SafeLine is the premier static rope for rescue and industrial needs. It features a durable 16 carrier construction that has a 50/50 ratio of core to sheath for long wear and excellent handling characteristics. Solution dyed polyester sheath with a nylon core. Available in multiple colors for easy identification between lengths, kits, etc. BlueWater is the only manufacturer HUB zone certified. Buy American Act [BAA] qualified. Part #534600.

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Technical Specifications

Weight (in grams per meter) 80.0g/m
Weight (in pounds)
Diameter (in millimeters) 11.5 mm
Length (in meters) 20
The Rated Rope Types Single
Type of Middle Mark None
UIAA Falls (Single / Half / Twin) - / - / -
Dynamic Elongation (Single / Half / Twin) - / - / -
Static Elongation (Single / Half / Twin) 2.8% / - / -
Impact Force (Single / Half / Twin) 30.00 kN / - / -
Dry Treatment None
Sheath Proportion 48.0%
Sheath Slippage
End Marker Yes
RFID Optional None
Certification(s) UIAA