The Xenon 20cm is Retired You've found a page of history! The Xenon 20cm is no longer available to buy from any major online retailers but you can still check out all the specs and claim your ownership.

Wild Country Xenon 20cm Quickdraw

Wild Country Xenon
Wild Country Xenon
Wild Country

The Xenon has a classic shape and feel yet weight is shaved by slimming the back to create a thinner, smoother biner. It also has a very thin nose profile, great for racking and great for tight clips or old bolts. The Xenon QD comes in three lengths, 10cm ~ 4” / 15cm ~ 6” / 20cm ~ 8” and is on Wild Country's exclusive 10mm Dyneema making it brilliantly light. So at only 83 grams for a 10cm draw it's a fantastic choice for sports, trad and on-sighting, weighing very little yet fitting into the hand perfectly as only a full size biner can. Also all Xenon draws also come with Wild Country new Tadpole which is our little rubber ring which holds the bottom biner in place.

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Technical Specifications

Weight 85 g
Dogbone Size 20 cm long, 10 mm wide
Dogbone Material Dyneema
Dogbone Strength 22kN
Top Carabiner Xenon - $6.95
Wild Country Xenon Full View
Bottom Carabiner Xenon - $6.95
Wild Country Xenon Full View