Skylotec Clipz-Dyna-Mix 11cm Quickdraw

Skylotec Clipz-Dyna-Mix Quickdraw
Skylotec Clipz-Dyna-Mix Quickdraw

Our clipZ carabiners are consummate all-rounders. Whether training in the gym, red-pointing sport routes or mountaineering and high-alpine climbing, you can always rely on the clipZ Dyna. And as you would expect, we offer them as quickdraw sets too. Available with Dyneema slings in 11 cm and 16 cm lengths. You’ll find the perfect quickdraw for all types of climbing.

Original MSRP, if Converted: 
€21.53 EUR
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Technical Specifications

Weight 90 g
Dogbone Size 11 cm long, wide
Dogbone Material Dyneema
Dogbone Strength
Top Carabiner Clipz-ST - $11.79
Skylotec Clipz-ST Carabiner
Bottom Carabiner Clipz-WI - $10.61
Skylotec Clipz-WI Carabiner

Additional Sizes

Clipz-Dyna-Mix 16cm  -  $24.92
Skylotec Clipz-Dyna-Mix Quickdraw