Simond Spider/Rocky 17cm Quickdraw

Simond Spider/Rocky
Simond Spider/Rocky

Completely anodized quickdraw made up of a straight Spider and a colored bent gate Rocky carabiner with Dyneema sling and Fixator.
Great Spider performance for easy and effortless clipping and unclipping protection whatever the situation. Lightweight and smooth finesse when clipping the rope thanks to the Rocky biner with its no-snag, hassle-free easy to spot gate.
Lighter than the Spider Pack with Fixator to hold the Rocky biner the right way round, the technical Spider Rocky Pack is perfect for use on crags.

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Technical Specifications

Weight 104 g
Dogbone Size 17 cm long, 0 mm wide
Dogbone Material Dyneema
Dogbone Strength 0kN
Top Carabiner Spider - $11.44
Simond Spider
Bottom Carabiner Rocky Bent - $6.32
Simond Rocky Bent

Additional Sizes

Spider/Rocky 11cm  -  $14.46
Simond Spider/Rocky