The Spider is Retired You've found a page of history! The Spider is no longer available to buy from any major online retailers but you can still check out all the specs and claim your ownership.

Simond Spider Quickdraw

Simond Spider
Simond Spider

Top of the range quickdraw comprising straight gate Spider biner plus one bent gate Spider biner as well as a Dyneema® sling and a Fixator.
Ideal for all situations:
Simond Monoblock closure system is designed for easy and snag-free clipping and unclipping. Slim (10mm thick all the way round) body means you can clip any kind of pro with a single movement. Complete ease of use.
Narrower, more lightweight Dyneema® sling gives greater flexibility. Fixator holds the carabiner the right way round while preserving the quickdraw sling's flexibility.

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Technical Specifications

Weight 108 g
Dogbone Size 11 cm long, 0 mm wide
Dogbone Material Dyneema
Dogbone Strength 0kN
Top Carabiner Spider - $11.44
Simond Spider
Bottom Carabiner Spider Bent - $12.15
Simond Spider Bent