Cypher Gym Steel Wire 20cm Quickdraw

Cypher Gym Steel Wire Quickdraw
Cypher Gym Steel Wire Quickdraw

The Cypher Steel Wire Quickdraw is zinc plated for long lasting protection inside and outside. The carabiner comes with a captive eye pin which can be installed by the user to eliminate carabiner rotation and reduce theft. The captive eye pin is removable when the need to replace the sling arises. A new captive eye bar must be used for the replacement pin. Comes with a 16mm Nylon sling and CE certified 8MM screw link. **NOTE: weight is only of the steel biner. It does not include the dogbone or steel link!!

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Technical Specifications

Weight 126 g
Dogbone Size 20 cm long, 16 mm wide
Dogbone Material Nylon / Polyamide
Dogbone Strength
Top Carabiner Steel Link - $5.50
Cypher Quick Link
Bottom Carabiner Gym Steel Wire - $7.95
Cypher Gym Steel Wire
Certification(s) CE

Additional Sizes

Gym Steel Wire 11cm  -  $12.95
Cypher Gym Steel Wire Quickdraw
Gym Steel Wire 16cm  -  $12.95
Cypher Gym Steel Wire Quickdraw