Cypher Dragonfly Mix 11cm Quickdraw

Cypher Dragonfly Mix
Cypher Dragonfly Mix

High performance quickdraws featuring all anodized carabiners for style and longevity. All climbers will appreciate the high quality and super smooth gate tension on the Dragonfly. There are three main styles of quickdraw to choose from. Standard gates are built with keylock top and keylock bottom carabiners for catch free clips. Mix is built with a keylock top and a wire gate bottom for easy rope clips and easy cleaning from routes. Wire is built for weight savings and icy conditions and comes with wire gates top and bottom.

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Technical Specifications

Weight 90 g
Dogbone Size 11 cm long, 16 mm wide
Dogbone Material Nylon / Polyamide
Dogbone Strength 22kN
Top Carabiner Dragonfly Straight - $9.95
Cypher Dragonfly Full View
Bottom Carabiner Dragonfly Wire - $8.95
Cypher Dragonfly Wire