Climb X Ultra Wire Draw Quickdraw

Climb X Ultra Wire Quickdraw
Climb X Ultra Wire Quickdraw
Climb X

Our lightest Quickdraw, the Ultra Tech Draw features an Ultra Straight Gate Carabiner for no flutter bolt clipping, partnered with an Ultra Bent Gate on a rubber gasket tight end for smooth lead clips. Linked by a 4 long 12 mm Dyneema Quickdraw, this piece will lighten your load without compromising safety. Climb X carabiners are hot forged with 7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminum and anodized to increase durability and fight corrosion. Every carabiner is individually tested and CE Certified to ensure safety.

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Technical Specifications

Weight 78 g
Dogbone Size 11 cm long, 12 mm wide
Dogbone Material Dyneema
Dogbone Strength 25kN
Top Carabiner Ultra Straight Gate - $5.95
Climb X Ultralight Straight Gate
Bottom Carabiner Ultra Bent Gate - $5.95
Climb X Ultra Bent Gate Carabiner